2005 Ford GT: 40,000-Mile Update!

2005 Ford GT: 40,000-Mile Update! Watch Now!

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I love my 2005 Ford GT — so today I’m going to give you a 40,000-mile update! Here’s what’s going on with my Ford GT after 40,000 miles — the costs, the benefits, the drawbacks, and everything else.


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  1. Is anyone flabbergasted that he’s had the car for 4 years already?! Man time has gone by fast

  2. Thank you for actually driving yours and enjoying it instead of letting it sit in a garage for its life.

  3. Doug is the kind of guy to rob a bank and pass the Cashier a note saying this is a robbery, oh and be sure to check out Cars and Bids, signed with a smiley face 😀

  4. Here’s to 80k miles Doug! It’s cool seeing someone drive this car instead of using it as a garage queen.

  5. The 2005 Ford GT edges so close to being a replica of the original, even back then that was a rarity. Now, its basically unheard of. Amazing that a car from 2005, a time that I would say had mostly unremarkable car styling, came out with something that so perfectly embodies the original, while also being timeless itself. Congrats on 40K!

  6. Doug’s the type of guy to give an update on his high performance sports car in a biking t-shirt

  7. Doug seems so happy with that milestone, we love to see it! Keep enjoying all the cars, blessings from Puerto Rico & thanks for the inspiration for my reviews ! 🏁

  8. Wonderful video Doug. I was a Ford salesperson from ’97-2020 (started at age 20 back then, which wasn’t the norm it is today). We got an early 2005 (#193) which had the billet aluminum control arms already added (after the very early voluntary recall). Car was kept by our dealer for 5 years. As the enthusiast at the small Ford store, I got to know the car inside and out (along with Mustangs as I was the young car guy there).

    Drove it several times, and then got to drive some clients GTs (my one good client & close family friend) would always ask me to come get it for anything it needed in service). I’ll always cherish driving these as they are just downright SPECIAL! Many people asked what it was like to drive and I said it honestly drove like a Focus, in regards to ease of driving (clutch and gearshift). My client (RIP as he has left us) always said I should have taken his car home for the weekend when it was finished in the shop, lol. Never did and I regretted not doing it. This will always be my dream car, though now unobtainable, with values so high (The Lotus Evora GT is now my “attainable” dream car) but I still dream of getting to drive one again soon.

    One thing I was hoping you would expounded on, is what was needed for the 4-years of ownership in terms of servicing. Also, parts availability for these are becoming a serious PITA. A lot of stuff you just can’t find or get anymore. So I totally get you with the fear of taking it out. Mostly, when I drove my client’s car from his home to the dealership, people would get out their phones to film it and not pay ANY attention to their own lane.

    Keep enjoying it buddy. Your a great embassador for the GT and it’s proof that these are truly bulletproof. My hat’s off to you. 👏👏👏👏

  9. Wow! That’s a lot of miles, especially for a car like the GT. Kudos for driving it and not babying it in a garage somewhere. It’s great seeing a cool car drive by especially when I’m doing my dreary commute!

  10. Dude, I love to see this. Cars like this were meant to be driven. I’m actually curious now if any exotic manufacturers have given thought to designing a car whose sole purpose is to sit in a garage.🤔

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