BMW i7 review – new 7 Series is the ULTIMATE luxury limo! | What Car?

BMW i7 review – new 7 Series is the ULTIMATE luxury limo! | What Car? Watch Now!

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In our BMW i7 review we tell you why this electric version of the new 7 Series is the ultimate luxury limo.

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Video chapters:
0:00 1. What is the i7?
1:13 2. The looks
2:13 3. The range
2:53 4. Charging
3:45 5. Sitting in the back
5:00 6. Theatre screen
6:04 7. Behind the wheel
7:17 8. Driving impressions
8:37 9. Letting the i7 drive you
9:37 10. Pricing

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  1. No matter what trim level I’m going for, I will always like to be in charge of the car’s driving and let all those driving assist systems play their auxiliary roles. Nothing compares to being in charge of the game yourself. In my humble opinion it’s a great car and I can’t wait to drive some.

  2. An amazing car indeed! I honestly had not even given a thought to owning another 7 series again after leaving the segment alone with the introduction of those disappointing & disastrous e65 e66 model renditions. My 95 e38 V12 750iL was a great upgrade from my 90 750iL V12 way back when and is and continues to be a car with which I’ll never part. But suffice to say, i will definitely consider this incarnation. Well, after a couple years of that inevitable depreciation sets in of course my friends. Thanks for the great video. 😉

  3. It presents as a fantastic car. The only thing that seems to be missing is the fun element for the driver.

  4. I’ve had more cars than Arthur Daley over the years from Lada’s to Rolls Royce’s and everything in between. I currently drive a 2016 manual Suzuki Celerio and absolutely love it. 70mpg, no road tax, and an engine that doesn’t need Einstein to work on. After watching this video on the ‘Elephant Man’ styled i7 (and plenty of other ‘fancy dan’ and overly bloated electric cars) I’ve come to the conclusion that there are so many unnecessary and overpriced gadgets on these things. ie those ridiculous opening doors. How do we all manage with our hand under the handle actions we’ve been doing?! I know my car is the complete polar opposite but what a load of unnecessary guff these manufacturers are selling. A fool and their money are soon parted. Now, trolls…knock yourselves out!

  5. Level 3 is conditionally autonomous. The car may ask you to take over in extreme weather conditions or unusual corner cases. You must still sit in the drivers seat.

  6. It’s incredible. It’s like the BMW designers hate their customers. A giant grille on the electric model… For literally no reason

  7. Such a shame that it have such an ugly front end because the rest of the car looks great. The black trim definitely help a lot but it is still not a looker. Still, look better than that melted blob EQS.

  8. Interim looks not expensive . Front useless, back is ok. Inside screen is ok but former one was more expensive looks and front and back was amazing

  9. Beautiful interior, however imo the exterior look of this car is a let down. Especially the front.

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