BMW M4 CSL v Porsche 911 GT3: DRAG RACE

BMW M4 CSL v Porsche 911 GT3: DRAG RACE Watch Now!

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It’s time for an epic RWD showdown!

Mat’s got his hands on the all-new BMW M4 CSL, and he’s facing off against Yianni in the Porsche 911 GT3!

So let’s see how these two rear-powered rockets compare. Starting with the BMW, it’s packing a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six under the bonnet that can deliver 550hp and 650Nm of torque. It’s 100kg lighter than the regular M4, tipping the scales at 1,625kg. If you want to pick one up, it’s pretty pricey, starting at £125,900!

Then we have the Porsche. It’s got a 4-litre flat-six slung over the rear axle, that can put down 510hp and 470Nm of torque. It’s a fair bit lighter than the BMW, at 1,435kg, and it also costs a bit more, coming in at £135,700.

So the Porsche is down on power – does that mean it’ll be a walkover for the BMW? Or will the Porsche’s lightweight, coupled with its awesome launch control system, propel it to victory? There’s only one way to find out – LET’S RACE!

Thanks to Yianni for joining us for this race: @Yianni

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  1. You gotta love Porsche’s efficiency. 40HP less, 200kg less, smokes the BMW in most of those tests. And they weren’t even looking at cornering and actual track times, where the Porsche really comes into its own.

    1. @Toby Plumb I assume, their interior camera used GoPros. And it had little bit of colour grading.

    2. idk i dont like it that much you can tell there is a lot of color grading involved which im not a huge fan of

    1. @Sambenmoser yes, I’ve been that fast, but the time it took me to get from 60-120 wasn’t any part of the equation.

    2. @7aythem true. I wouldnt buy the Beemer even if I could afford it and I can’t afford a GT3. But they drag more than just these two cars.

  2. Great cars ,but there is something about Porsche , they are masterpiece , and nice to see Yianni again 💪

    1. I remember, before words’ definitions were changed, great had ‘historical context’. in 20 years, will we remember this M4 CSL as a phenomenal car of its generation and worthy of the CSL moniker or an M4 Comp Comp? will we remember that the real world advantages of this were probably due to the Cup2 tires? a good car? yes. a superb car? probably. A great car? No.
      the 992 GT3. yes, that will be remembered as a great car.

    2. @Bjorn Stevens Could you please tell from where do you have this rubbish informations? The new M3/M4 are very impressive in launch control and break tests. In this aspect better than the previous generations. Of course it looks weak compared to a Porsche but if you have compared this M4 CSL to a car from other brand you will see how impressive these cars are. Stop hating BMW without any sense because you are a mercedes or audi fanboy…

  3. These two together are absolutely hilarious, please do as much with yanni as possible and also with Sam as a trio, top quality content

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