Buying my NEW friend a car!

Buying my NEW friend a car! Watch Now!

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Mat is teaming up with England rugby legend James Haskell to help him buy a new electric car!

James recently bought a Land Rover Defender 90, but now he’s had a child he’s realised it’s not as practical as he was hoping, so he’s going to sell it and swap it for an electric car!

The question is, which car is right for him? Well, Mat has brought together a choice of four electric cars, and he’s going to run through their looks, interiors and what they’re like to drive so James can choose which is his favourite!

The cars we’ve got on show are a Skoda Enyaq, Nissan Ariya, Kia EV6, and Tesla Model Y, as these all cost around the same as what we would expect the Defender 90 to sell for.

However, the choice doesn’t stop there… In case James is willing to spend a little more, we’ve also brought in a Porsche Taycan & BMW iX M60!

The question is, which will he choose? And more importantly, do you think these are the best 6 electric cars around, or should we have added another one to this video? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. James Haskell fiddling to adjust the Tesla’s steering wheel is pure entertainment. we want more of James.

  2. This was actually a brilliant video idea.. please make more videos like this when you bring ordinary people and ask their opinion about cars!!

  3. This video was the biz: Mat and James worked so well together. Cracking stuff. James is a natural, so I hope we get to see more of him.

  4. Met James before and he is a top bloke with a wicked sense of humour so knew this would be a great video, the Carwow format always works when you involve other presenters for Mat to work with.

  5. Possibly one of the best Car Wow videos ever!!

    James is so funny! He just said what we were all thinking about the looks of the BMW 😂

  6. Yanni has a new competitor now. James did a fantastic job on his very first appearance with Matt!!

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