Citroen Ami Specifications and Price

The Citroen Ami is a two-seater with a range of 43 miles and a top speed of 28 mph. The doors of the Ami have a retractable three-pin plug for charging the battery. Regardless of how many people you take with you, the Ami is comfortable to drive. And, while it’s not exactly a sporty car, the Ami still has a nice personality.

Citroen Ami is a two-seater

The Citroen Ami is a small electric two-seater that is designed to be a tribute to the original basic 2CV. The car’s boxy design has been retained but has been upgraded with modern features. Like the 2CV, it has doors that hinge in opposite directions and fold up windows. In addition to this, the Ami has a panoramic glass roof. The interior is well-sealed and heated, and comes with various storage spaces. It is also capable of carrying a carry-on suitcase.

The Ami is available for rental from a number of companies in France and the US. Rental rates are as low as $23 a month through Free2Move, a company run by Citroen’s parent company, PSA. The car will sell for around $7,600 when it is launched later this year. Unlike most electric vehicles, Ami can be driven by 14-year-olds without a full driver’s license in Europe.

Citroen Ami has a range of 43 miles

The new electric car, called the Citroen Ami, has a price tag of just 6,000 euros. It’s not very fast, and it looks like a washing machine. But its specs are just right for its purpose. Read on for more information and how to order yours. Until then, you can get a look at the Ami and decide whether it is for you.

The Ami has a 5.5-kWh battery, which recharges in three hours and is capable of covering 43 miles. This is more than enough for city commuting and chores. In our testing, we were able to cover 20 percent of our journeys on a charge, and the Ami held its own well in stop-and-go traffic. Its weight and regenerative braking system also contributed to the high range.

Citroen Ami has a top speed of 28 mph

The Citroen Ami is a fully electric city car with a top speed of 28 mph. The car is seven feet and nine inches long, which makes it slightly shorter than the original Mini or the newer Mini Convertible. It promises a range of 43 miles and a top speed of 28 mph. The 5.5 kW/H lithium-ion battery should allow for a comfortable drive around small European cities. In comparison, the average speed of a motorbike in the heart of London is seven miles per hour.

The Ami is a two-seater vehicle with a top speed of 28mph. It was designed to be a fast urban mobility vehicle and is suitable for people who want to travel around on a budget. The car is a good choice for urban life and can be driven without a driving license in France.

Citroen Ami has a retractable three-pin plug in its door

The Citroen Ami is one of the first hybrid cars. It features a 5.5-kWh lithium-ion battery tucked flat underneath the floor. A charging station can be accessed in just three hours. Amis can also be charged at a public charging station. This will save the driver the expense of driving to a charging station, and it will make charging the car far easier for commuters.

Ami’s bodywork is quite unusual, incorporating four different panels. Each panel is self-coloured plastic and is attached to a light steel frame. Its roof is also unique, with a coloured backlight. The whole package is an example of clever industrial design, driven by the aim of delivering maximum functionality at the lowest cost. It even has a retractable three-pin plug in its door, which makes it easy to plug in a mobile phone.

Another clever feature of the Ami is its reversible charging unit. Instead of a traditional charger, this device can be plugged in and retracted. This means you can charge your phone anywhere in the car, which makes it an ideal commuter car. The Ami can be plugged in and unplugged in the same way as other electric vehicles, so it is great for charging a phone while on the go.

Citroen Ami has Duplo-esque inserts in storage areas

The Citroen Ami has a playful design that has some interesting features. Drivers have to peer into the storage compartments to determine which doors are for the front and which are for the back. Its exterior bodywork is made of three different panels. These panels are hinged together, but there is no need for electric motors or a gear shift. The doors are operated by fabric cords.

The interior of the Ami is a riot of colour and design. Its contrasting black and grey hues are strikingly original, and the car’s storage compartments feature Duplo-esque inserts. The vehicle has plenty of room for two passengers and a small suitcase. It also has a rear-facing console with a nifty storage compartment for your bags.

Citroen Ami is cheaper

When it comes to fuel costs, the electric Citroen Ami is the better option. While not the most comfortable vehicle to drive, it keeps up with traffic in town and can even be parked in tight spots. However, it is not as powerful as a conventional gas-powered vehicle, and its performance falls short of the norm. A Honda e can be a great local runabout for four people. Although it will not go as far as the Citroen Ami, it is four times cheaper.

The Ami costs PS7,695 less than the Picanto, and it seats five at a push. Neither car has a boot, though a storage box with a lid sits on the dashboard. And while both models have enough room for an airline carry-on bag, neither car has a boot. The Ami will cost more to purchase, but it will save you money on fuel.

Citroen Ami is smaller

The new Citroen Ami is a miniature electric quadricycle. It’s smaller than a Twizy and a G-Wiz combined, measuring just over two metres long and one and a half metres wide. Despite its size, the Ami feels like a much more spacious vehicle on the inside. This car has more than 50 percent glazing on its upper body, making it a light, airy vehicle. It also has an enormous amount of storage space. It’s also the perfect tiny commercial vehicle.

Ami’s quirky design is reminiscent of the two-wheeled Citroen 2CV, a very small car created in the 1930s to make motoring accessible to the masses. It produced nearly two million vehicles between 1948 and 1990. Its design also takes cues from the 2CV, with the front and rear panels of the car being identical. This makes it easier to identify the Ami than its French cousin.

Citroen Ami is fun

The Citroen Ami is one of the most fun cars to own. Its design is playful and fun and the interior is simple. It costs around $7,500 after French subsidies and only costs $0.65 a minute to rent. There’s something a little bit silly about the car but that doesn’t stop it from being a fun city car. And unlike bikes or e-scooters, it is safe to drive and park in city centers.

The Citroen Ami has been the darling of the automotive press for its zany design, cheap price, and exotic name. In addition to being a fun car, it also oozes that foreign forbidden fruit charm. It could be a hybrid of Bird scooters and Car2Go service. In fact, Fifth Gear almost rolled it over at 10 mph in a test drive of the car.

The Ami is a compact car, measuring 241cm long, 129cm wide, and 125cm high. It has a small turning circle and does not produce any emissions. Moreover, it’s cheap to own and run – it charges using a standard three-pin socket in your home. Although it is not perfect, the Ami is certainly fun to drive. So, whether you’re looking for a fun car to commute in, or simply want a cheap ride to get you around town, the Ami is a great buy.


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