Front Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

Front Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Watch Now!

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Learn how to replace your brake pads and rotors on your car. Most cars with brake calipers will be similar to this and after watching this you will be able to change your own brakes and save money.

Front and Rear Brake Pad and Rotors:
Wheel Cylinder Replacement:
Drum Brake Replacement:
Paint Your Brakes:

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  1. Saved me from dealing with the frustrating dealerships who want to charge six arms and 4 and a half legs just to get something so simple fixed. So thanks a ton!

  2. Great video. Very instructional! Easy to follow.

    THANK YOU! I did my brakes for the first time yesterday. Was almost as easy as you make it look. But I did run into two issues. 1) I have a different make and model. The tools required were different and the caliper and bracket are two different parts. Not a major issue because I was able to find another video specific to my vehicle and I was able to drive out to the store and pick up the specific tool I needed. 2) The rotors were seized to the hub. I was expecting to just pull the rotor off the vehicle like you did but nope. Thankfully the rotors were being replaced because I had to beat them with a mini sledge to get them off.

    Again, thank you! This video gave me the confidence to do this myself. Saved over $300.

  3. Just completed my first brake job, and your video was very helpful. Many doubted I could do this and said to take it into the shop. But with your help, I not only successfully changed all my brake pads, but saved myself nearly $500! You have a new subscriber!

    1. @ChrisFix What did i do wrong after i compress the piston the caliper still didn’t fit over the new pads. And also what do i do when the brake reservoir overflow s after compressing the piston?

    2. @***** AWESOME Kevin! That is what I love to hear! Nice job man! Glad you learned how to replace the brakes using my video and now you know how to do it in the future! Thanks for sharing!  New automotive ‘how to’ videos every Thursday and most Mondays so stay tuned!

  4. Hey Chris, Love your vid’s. You forgot to clean your new rotors with brake clean, many new rotors come with a protective film of oil to prevent rust while sitting on the shelf. Also I pull out my slide pins and clean out old grease and dirt and replace with fresh syl-glide lube. If pin boots are broken or cracked they need replacing.

  5. Great video! I used it as a reference when repairing my ’02 Trailblazer. thanks for providing the tools to assist us fellow home mechanics.

  6. Thanks for this video. After watching it twice i had the confidence to do my own front brake and rotor replacement. Giving a like.

  7. Awesome video walkthroughs! If not necessarily doing this stuff on my own, it does help learn and understand how a car is put together and how the mechanical stuff works. Keep up the great work!

    1. @HrrE nR Great! Glad you are learning from my videos! Maybe it will help you do your own work one day. 

  8. Hey Chris I like your videos great camera angles and closeups and how you tell us extra tips while your fixing things. Like telling us a major tip at 11:48 make sure you don’t use brake fluid that’s been open for 3 months because it gets moisture in it and that’s no good. I’m going to use a black magic marker and write on the brake fluid the date I first opened it. Thanks Chris your the best. Keep up the Great work man!

  9. I’ve finally, at the age of forty, decided to do all my own basic repair jobs and save myself hundreds! Videos such as these have made it easy , and has taken away the fear that I may screw something up! Thanks

  10. IMPORTANT: You should spray the entire surface of the pad area once you take the old pads out to make sure it’s clean.
    You can use brake cleaner fluid spray and then proceed to replace the old with the new pads as shown in the video.
    After you are done, you’ll want to press the brake pedal a couple times to set the piston all the way and then when you feel the pedal to be as it should feel, then hold the pedal down for about 30 seconds and release.
    Then press the pedal once again and make sure it feels right.
    Good video.

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