Here Are 4 Cars I Regret Selling (And 5 Cars I Don’t!)

Here Are 4 Cars I Regret Selling (And 5 Cars I Don’t!) Watch Now!

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Today I’m covering a few cars I really regret selling — and a few I’m happy are gone. Here are four cars I very much regret selling, and five cars I’m thrilled I got rid of.


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  1. I agree about the Viper. I own a 2008 Viper convertible (GTS Blue w/ Silver racing stripes) & a 2017 Viper ACR-E in a custom ordered Blue w/ white racing stripes & I can’t imagine ever selling either of them. They’re among the most insane & enjoyable cars I’ve ever driven, & are even more special now that manual transmissions & naturally aspirated V10 engines are basically almost dead forever. And that’s not even factoring in that values on all Vipers are skyrocketing, especially on the ACR’s!

  2. I am really impressed by the cars that Doug regrets selling. Loved the fact that he loved his Viper, his Nissan S-Cargo, his Range Rover and his E55 AMG. BTW, Doug should do a video about cars that he intends to buy. It would be AWESOME

  3. Doug, these are the videos that keep us coming back. Your typical videos are great, but these are the videos that remind us that you’re a real person, and that you’re not some surface level online persona. Keep at it Doug. Love the content

  4. Can you imagine buying a car from Doug and then seeing your car ending up on the “Happy to Sell” list

  5. LOVE how your dog is sitting in the seat like he’s waiting for you to finish so he can drive you to stock up on dog food…

  6. I saw a Viper GTS pass my place on the way to work last week, same blue with the white stripes, and I was taken back by how I forgot how absolutely wild these things look in person, more so than most modern super cars I see on occasion. It’s exhaust has that magnificent lopey cam sound at idle, a truly special car.

  7. Thank you for adjusting your angle. Seeing more of the plates, and more of the GT is so satisfying. Also, please give your dog some pets from all of us! ❤

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