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Honda Pioneer 500 UTV is a great choice for a new off-road vehicle. Pioneer 500 is narrow, compact, and sporty in design, and it’s great for tight, technical trails. Despite Honda Pioneer 500 small size, the Pioneer 500 thrives on technical trails, and it’s perfect for work. It has four-wheel drive and a steering wheel-mounted paddle shifter, but it lacks power steering.

Honda Pioneer 500 UTV tank capacity

Honda Pioneer 500 has independent suspension on all four corners and dual rate springs for smooth ride quality. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful stopping power and are paired with a dual 200mm disc brake system. The seat is comfortable with adequate leg room and the front seat has a backrest and seatbelt for the rider’s safety. There is also a quarter-door design for added protection.

There is a 1.1-gallon reserve in the Pioneer 500’s tank. The fuel tank is located on the passenger side of the vehicle opposite the fuel filler position of a pickup truck. The vehicle’s tank is also easy to access, as it has a 180-degree door and a net that opens outward. The Honda Pioneer 500 is available in red, yellow, and olive colors, as well as the Honda Phantom Camo.

Pioneer 500 comes equipped with a two-inch hitch. This hitch is a minor inconvenience but you’ll learn that two-inch towing isn’t always safe, so you can purchase adaptors for it to make it safe for you. You can find them at any auto parts store, and they are made of ultra-rugged high-molecular-weight polyethylene.

Pioneer 500 is easier to park and maneuver than the Polaris, thanks to its smaller wheelbase and lower center of gravity. It also has a better suspension package and more towing capacity. Unlike the Ranger, however, it doesn’t have a dumping bed. You’ll have to be prepared to take some more steps to load your gear if you’re planning on hauling your belongings.

Honda Pioneer 500 UTV five forward speeds

Honda Pioneer 500 can tow up to two-inch trailers. It does not, however, offer a cargo box. Instead, the Honda Pioneer 500 is equipped with a 1,000-pound towing capacity. While it may not be as convenient as a cargo box, the Pioneer 500‘s five forward speeds are still more than enough to get the job done.

Whether you’re looking for an off-road vehicle or a weekend adventure, the Honda Pioneer 500 is an excellent choice. This UTV’s lightweight design and five forward speeds make it an excellent choice for property work and weekend adventures. The Pioneer 500 has a comfortable bench seat for the driver, as well as a Roll Over Protection Structure. It has three-point seat belts and meets OSHA standards, so you can rest easy knowing you’re properly protected.

Pioneer 500 has five forward and two reverse gears. The Pioneer 500’s electric-shift system eliminates the need for a clutch, making shifting a breeze. The shifters are mounted on either side of the steering wheel, and shift is accomplished by pressing up on the right paddle or down on the left paddle. These features make for a smoother ride and improved handling. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have in your Pioneer 500.

In terms of performance, the Honda Pioneer’s power is impressive, but it’s still not as suave as the Polaris. However, its smooth ride is offset by its lower horsepower and lower drivetrain loss. The Pioneer’s shaft drive is superior to CVT belt technology, which eliminates smoked belts, grinding and auto noise. Its real gears provide a smooth ride, better acceleration, and improved fuel efficiency.

Honda Pioneer 500 UTV reverse

Honda Pioneer 500 is a versatile and fun to use all-terrain vehicle. This utv is designed to fit narrower trails and can be transported in the bed of a full-sized pickup truck. It was created at Honda R&D in Ohio, and is manufactured in Timmonsville, South Carolina. Honda uses domestic and global parts to manufacture this machine, which is affordable. Read on to learn more about the Honda Pioneer 500.

Honda Pioneer 500 offers a spacious interior and supportive, sculpted seats. The seats are more like a sport car than a truck seat. Its interior is very spacious, but it lacks a glove box and additional storage. You’ll also be lacking a tilt-adjustable steering wheel, locking front and rear differentials, power steering, and a limited-slip or locking front differential. However, the Honda Pioneer 500’s performance makes up for its lack of interior space.

Honda Pioneer 500 offers two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive capabilities, and it has five forward and five reverse gears. It uses a gate-style shifter. The Honda Pioneer 500 features reverse, which is activated by pulling out on a panel mounted lever under the dash. The vehicle has a 9.6-inch ground clearance, which means that it can comfortably traverse rocky terrain and rutted trails.

Honda Pioneer 500 UTV camo finish

The new Camo finish on the Honda Pioneer 500 UTV is one of the most unique designs of this popular off-road vehicle. It adds a rugged look to this small-sized utv. There is a camo finish that blends in with the vehicle’s appearance, and more than 40 Honda Genuine and Signature Accessories are available for the Pioneer 500. A camo finish is the perfect choice for a unique look, or if you’d just like a little more protection.

With its compact size, the Honda Pioneer 500 can fit into tight trails, even those that have width restrictions. And thanks to its integrated dump bed, it’s easy to load and unload it into a full-size pickup truck. The Honda Pioneer 500’s compact size also makes it easy to pack in the bed of a full-size pickup, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts and ranchers.

Pioneer 520‘s features are impressive. It has an 8.5-inch ground clearance, a 12.8-foot turning radius, and a 50-inch width. It’s also compact enough to travel without a trailer. Honda offers the Pioneer 500 in four colors, including Camo, including the new Red. Standard colors start at $9,499, but the Phantom Camo version comes with a premium price of about $600.

Honda Pioneer 500‘s powerplant is a semi-dry-sump, overhead-valve design. This engine is short and has an upright profile, which lowers the center of gravity and maintains its high ground clearance. The Pioneer 500’s crankshaft is oriented front to back, which transfers power from the engine directly to the wheels without requiring right-angle drive-train transfer. Although the fuel capacity of the Pioneer 500 is relatively low, it’s still big for its class.

Honda Pioneer 500 UTV transmission mode

2017 Honda Pioneer 500 utv comes with an Automatic or Manual shift mode. The automatic mode uses a clutch, while the manual mode uses paddle shifters. When it is cold, the manual gear changes are not smooth. Once the machine is warmed up, however, it shifts into gear smoothly. For smoother gear changes, the transmission should be set to automatic mode. There are several other features that make the Pioneer 500 a great small UTV.

One notable change for the Pioneer 500 is the addition of steering-column paddles and dual-rate suspension springs. These changes improve handling and reduce the risk of bottoming out. Despite these changes, the Pioneer 500 still measures just 50 inches wide, making it easy to transport in a full-size pickup truck bed.

Honda Pioneer 500 weighs 1025 pounds with fuel and it is still surprisingly light and agile. It’s also missing power steering, but we never felt the need to use it, even on tight trails. The machine’s excellent weight distribution also helped us tackle the toughest trails and maneuvers without much effort. The Honda Pioneer 500‘s 50-inch width makes it possible to access trails that larger machines can’t handle.

2017 Honda Pioneer 500 is the cheapest Honda model in the lineup and it’s still a great first UTV. At $8999, the Honda Pioneer is among the best choices for those who want a compact, fun UTV. For a reasonable price, it is also a solid long-term investment. Its automatic transmission will make it easier to navigate difficult terrains and still allow you to do some serious off-roading.

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2017 Honda Pioneer 500 is the cheapest Honda model in the lineup and it's still a great first UTV. At $8999.

Honda Pioneer 500 weighs 1025 pounds with fuel and it is still surprisingly light and agile.

There is a 1.1-gallon reserve in the Pioneer 500's tank. The fuel tank is located on the passenger side of the vehicle opposite the fuel filler position of a pickup truck.

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