Honda Talon Tires, Give a New Look to Your Talon!

Honda Talon Tires give a new character to your Talon. If you’re shopping for new Honda Talon tires, consider the benefits of these Talons. The 6+1 offset helps keep tire centerline close to steering axis. This means less perceptible bump steer, and the Talon’s electronic power steering system can handle the larger tires. Whether you’re shopping for a new set of tires for your motorcycle or looking for a new set of wheels to go with your current tires, these Talons will provide excellent traction and grip.

Honda Talon Tires Features

Designed to bolt to your Honda Talon, the Talon tire offers a plush ride, excellent ground clearance and plenty of safety features. Its suspension features a large bump absorption area and a 44% front-end weight bias for maximum control. The Talon is also compatible with various accessories, such as seat covers and floor mats. In addition to delivering a smooth ride, Talon tires also look great.

The Talon offers a satisfying drive, resulting in enhanced safety and stability under braking. Its brakes use low-expansion hoses, and a 17mm master cylinder for precise braking feel. Integrated skid plates protect important vehicle components and help it glide off of obstacles. Several labeled access holes are available at the rear of the skid plate for easy towing and servicing.

The Talon 1000X features Fox Podium 2.0 shocks and QS3 quick adjusters. The latter may be more tunable, but they keep the ride quality dynamic and easy to adjust. Honda also partnered with Maxxis to provide a specialized tire for the Talon. A new model is on the way, and you should start looking for a new Honda Talon for sale today. There are plenty of different models available in the US and Canada.

The suspension of the Talon R remains unchanged. It utilizes dual A-arms on the front and “4+ Link” in the rear. It is designed to minimize bump steer and keep the Talon pointed straight. The Talon rides on Maxxis MU9H tires, which are based on the Coronado tire. They are very well suited for the Talon’s sporty style. However, the Talon’s suspension system also has a rear-sway bar that helps it grip the road without too much difficulty.

Honda Talon Tires Benefits

Honda’s newest off-roader is equipped with new tires that are specifically designed for this motorcycle. The Talon 1000X has a double-wishbone front suspension and 15.0 inches of travel. The Talon 1000R adds a wider track and a four-link rear suspension. Both models feature the same tires, but differ in their suspension systems. The Talon 1000X features Fox Live Valve shocks at the front and rear ends. The front suspension is tuned and maintains a consistent geometry under load.

The patented suspension system on the Talon 1000X provides exceptional ride quality and improved handling. The suspension system’s two modes reduce lateral roll and longitudinal pitch, while improving tracking and steering response. Both modes are independent and feature different characteristics. The high-performance suspension system helps reduce the sting of deep whoop sections while smoothing uneven terrain. This is a big benefit of the Talon’s high-quality tires.

The i-4WD brake traction control system on the Honda Talon family has industry-leading cutting-edge features. The i-4WD system, adapted to sport side-by-side use, automatically manages the amount of slip between the front wheels and applies torque to the wheel with more grip. This system delivers excellent traction in tough off-road conditions and lowers steering effort and kickback when compared to a standard differential lock.

The Honda Talon 1000X-4 features FOX Live Valve technology. This system adjusts the compression damping of each shock independently up to 16 times per second. The result is a smoother ride and less roll during cornering. The Talon 1000X-4 includes FOX Podium 2.0 and 2.5 shocks with QS3 quick adjustors. The FOX QS3 quick adjustors have three distinct settings.

Combo kit

The combination of a good set of wheels and tires is essential for a high-performance off-road vehicle, and a Honda Talon tire and wheel combo kit will do the trick. The backbone mounting bracket includes four locations to fit different types of tires, including one for a 32-inch tire. It also features a Tusk Jack mounting hole, and a 1/2-inch flag mount. It comes without tire and lug nuts.


The Honda Talon is a versatile SUV that provides an enjoyable driving experience. The vehicle’s braking system is advanced and delivers better performance and stability under braking. A 17mm master cylinder and low-expansion brake hoses give the Talon precise and predictable braking feel. The Talon also features an electronic power steering system that helps turn the larger tires. With these improvements, the Talon has become an excellent choice for off-roaders.

You can choose between all-terrain and terrain-specific tires for the Honda Talon. Some tires work on the stock rims while others require aftermarket wheels. Some tires are wider to provide more traction on mud, while others are designed for full compression and turn-in. However, some tire sizes may reduce power output, so ensuring proper fit and traction are vital. To determine the right size and type of tire for your Honda Talon, consult the manual or your dealer.

The Talon’s body style was designed in Honda’s Torrance, California, office. The design is a perfect blend of form and function. Inspired by Honda’s CRF Performance line of dirt bikes, the Talon has a high bodyline and a continuous side from front to rear. The high bodyline also provides lateral support for the driver and passenger. Talon’s chassis design also minimizes unsprung weight, and a 44% front-end weight bias helps it handle rough terrain better.

While there are many great rims available for the Honda Talon, you can also find high-quality tires. These high-performance tires will improve the handling of your bike. The large tires are able to fill the gap in front of the fender better than the stock ones. They are available for purchase at online dealers, and you can save money while doing so. This article outlines a few great choices for tires for the Honda Talon.

Honda Talon Tires Cost

The Talon has a standard set of cheap, stock tires, and aftermarket options can be found to increase their performance. This may be due to the fact that the Talon has been designed for use on a wide variety of terrains, and aftermarket tires can be tailored to a particular type of surface. Some aftermarket tires can even work with the stock rims, but you will need to buy aftermarket wheels to accommodate them. Wider tires are better for mud and rock crawling, but they can also reduce the power of the Honda Talon.

You might also consider putting on off-road tires to get more mileage. These are typically higher in cost than other tires, but they will provide better grip on various terrains. For full-on compression and turns, you may want to go with larger tires. Motohavok tires are an excellent choice for an all-around tire on a Honda Talon. Unfortunately, these tires rub slightly on unlifted Talons, so you should avoid them if you plan on spinning cookies.

If you have a spare tire, you should get one. This is a good idea for anyone who owns a Talon, especially if you plan to use your vehicle in extreme terrains. But you should also keep in mind that a spare tire will take up valuable storage space. In addition, you should also consider getting a dual-rate spring kit. These springs will eliminate the need for rear buckings, and they will help you improve the suspension ride.

The Talon 1000R features a high-performance suspension, a large bump absorption, and a generous ground clearance. This suspension is also important for off-road driving, as the boots can be damaged or even destroyed. Several protective parts are available for the Talon, such as aluminum or steel front bumpers, high-molecular-weight polyethylene A-arm guards, trailing-arm guards, skid plates, and steel nerf bars. Finally, you should invest in floor mats and other protective parts for the Talon.


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