How to Repair and Remove Dents from your Car (DIY)

How to Repair and Remove Dents from your Car (DIY) Watch Now!

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Learn how to repair and remove dents from your car. When you can’t do PDR, properly using a high quality body filler is the next best thing to remove dents. In this video, I show you how to sand the dents down to bare metal, add the body filler, add the glazing putty, spray paint the car at home, and then wet sand, compound, and polish, to make it come out amazing!

Pro Grade Body Filler:
Pro Grade Glazing Putty:
Sanding Block:
Sandpaper assortment:

Tack Cloth:
2K Clear Coat:
Full Face Respirator:
Respirator Filter:

Compound PC1:
Polish PC2:
Finishing Polish PC3:
Polishing Pads:
DA Polisher:

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  1. This man don’t miss. Just when you think he has covered everything, he finds something you have been wanting to do or something probably forgot about. Well done sir!!

    1. There is always something you can do, but he hasn’t had the time to cover the 100% of it yet. This helped me cover what the wife has done lol

    2. @ChrisFix Hi Chris, how are you doing? Just got an aswer telling about being shortlisted for a prize, but seems not to be you the one who mention that. He’s using your Youtube profile image. Is there a way to inform Youtube about this?

    3. I had a flat tire and I went to a hardware store and I only got the 8 piece tire repair kit because it said chis fix approved 😂😂😂😂

  2. “Don’t expect perfect professional results.” He says right before doing it better by hand than some professionals would with all the tools in the world.

    1. @Jeremiah Bueler well no.. usually grown ass old men laugh in girls faces when they mention anything about car work or mechanics and underestimate or dismiss their ability. so these videos are pretty important and I don’t feel like he has that feeling towards women at all from watching him for over 4 years now.

    2. @Two Party Illusion girl boy it thing? It don’t matter you’re only talking yourself out of it you gotta just do it and yeah you’ll get stuck maybe once maybe a hundred times but most things far related are fixed with help or google😊

    3. My sentiments exactly! I only watch him because I purchased a crappy F150 and I dream of doing these things lol To a girl like me he’s a magician!

  3. I hate watching tutorials like this when they start breaking out all these fancy tools in a fully outfitted shop just makes you feel like sure I could do that too if I had all that stuff but Chris fix is absolutely one of the best YouTubers at making you feel like you can do this too and as a guy who does all his own work in his driveway as cheap as possible I very much appreciate his more relatable approach to his videos truly a legend I’d very much like to shake this man’s hand someday and say thank you because I’ve been using his video guides reliably for many years great work Chris stay awesome

    1. @Clarkescustomcreations You could tape the bag at the back so it doesn’t move. Might use less tape.

    2. Tried the zip lock trick yesterday finds the bag moves alot when mixing and makes it a bit more difficult to mix properly I’m sticking with $1 store packing tape clear so you can see the circle but doesn’t move around while your mixing

  4. 5:10 As a professional body technician, this is great advice. Very helpful tips for the average user, but you don’t really need to sand to bare metal to have the body filler stick, it just needs a scratched surface and it’ll stay on just the same. Great work as always Chris

    1. ​ @John Hardy I imagine if using a chemical stripper, I should remove the hood to avoid any accidental damage to the fender paint?
      Any preference for chemical stripper?

    2. @CANTWEALL GETALONG yeah it sounds like it needs to be stripped down to bare metal if the paint is beginning to peel

    3. What about if you are painting the hood that has chips to the bare metal, shouldn’t you strip to bare metal for the entire hood, if there is a number of chips that has lead to rust on that bare metal?
      I bought a used Rav 4 that somebody tried to repaint the chipped paint on the hood without fully stripping the hood to bare metal and now the paint is lifting and the clear coat is peeling like dead skin.
      Also, don’t you normally hit the base coat with first a medium grit then fine to smooth the rattle can splatter, before applying the clear coat?

  5. Great tutorial! Which I had access to something like this years ago.
    Couple tips I’ll add is make sure the panel is cleaned before sanding. Sanding any contamination into the old paint can lead to fish eyes in your nice wet paint you’re trying to lay down.
    Notice a lot of first time painters are afraid of runs so end up putting on clear or a single stage paint too dry. It needs to flow on the surface so practice laying it down on an old panel. I’d also do 3 coats of clear so you have plenty to wet sand and compound.

  6. I have been watching this guy for 4 years now and he has inspired me to become a mechanic and look at me now, working on cars for a living and with a 5 star rated garage. I couldn’t thank Chris enough for what he has done for people. Favourite YouTuber if all time. Thanks Chris

    1. @Shona That is the truth that I ever heard it! Is married 22 years to mechanic… We always had the shittiest cars lol they were usually free haha. He just fixed what it needed so it would keep driving because we had 2 little kids… Then we would junk it and just fix up another one lol No one really wants to come home from work, and do more work!

    2. Wow, that’s amazing! One of my sons is a mechanic and the other took auto body in high school. I am so proud of them both! It’s becoming a lost art to work with your hands to fix something and it will always serve you and your family well.

    3. I don’t even have a car I watched all his uploads, especially the surprise gifts for his mom and dad.

  7. One of the OGs of quality content. Still putting out genuine, helpful info. Thanks, chris! You’ve helped a ton of folks, myself included!

  8. I’ve been watching Chris for about 6 years or so (I forget about how long) and there is nothing that this guy can’t do. He’s convinced me to not take my stuff to a mechanic, now have a big shop with plenty of tools, but still like the Chris way. Definitely a great resource for anyone from people who know nothing on cars, to master techs

    1. Thanks for watching ❤️❤️
      We would love to appreciate you 🎁🎁☝️☝️

  9. As always with Chris’ tutorials, this is a fun video to watch. Great explanation and visual demonstration. And the variety of topics covered in his videos is one of the best on the internet. Kudos, Chris, and thanks for sharing your talents.

  10. This man is a legend, the way you navigated through stuffs actually inspired me to work on my cars rather than servicing them through a mechanic, and like how you care so much about the people watching it, from listing all the items in the description to giving us small tips on how to mix hardeners.. you are truly an amazing person and hope you hit 10 million soon

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