Is the 2020 Mercedes Benz SLC 300 a BETTER convertible than a Porsche Boxster?

Is the 2020 Mercedes Benz SLC 300 a BETTER convertible than a Porsche Boxster? Watch Now!

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It is the end of the road for the SLC 300. Mercedes has decided to stop production of this convertible after 2020, but is it still a good convertible?. Under the hood is a 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 producing 241HP & mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission. The SLC 300 has a folding hard top to give you the best of both worlds and styling that is pure Mercedes Benz. On the inside you will find a comfortable cabin with a steering wheel you will not want to let go of. Does the 2020 Mercedes Benz SLC deserve to be killed off?
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  1. I personally like the woodgrain in the car actually. I think it gives it class being as old a design as it is

  2. Certainly a niche vehicle that has fallen out of favor with the current auto buying public. Nevertheless, sorry to see it go away as it brings Mercedes quality and panache to this ever dwindling small 2 seater class.

  3. I’ve always loved that car…I wouldn’t spend that much on a new one though when you can find a used one with way low mileage for half the price with the same exact look!

  4. For what it is it doesn’t seem that bad even with the Zonks that you pointed out. The price seems a little high considering that Mercedes is going to discontinue it. You can probably work something out with them though, I think. Being 65 the dated interior doesn’t bother me to much so I can see myself in one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Okay Joe, you have me looking at used SLK’s! There are some great values out there, and I have a Sprinter based Winnebago that I do maintenance on myself, so I’m not afraid of having to make routine trips to the dealer! The car seems to be pretty much tried and true. The lack of the latest technology means less to go out of date and/or fail.

  6. I have a 2018 Red Art edition and I love it. Its incredible small tho ! perfect for me 5’3″ but when my husband drives it, he looks ridiculous! He’s 6’4″ I don’t really mind the dated look of the interior. I actually love it! It’s very basic and elegant

  7. I have a recent obsession with this car now. Even if it doesn’t measure up to it’s competitors like the Porsche Boxter or BMW Z4 theres something about the SLC that would make me pick it in a heart beat. Would love to own this car someday.

  8. $62k is not too bad for this vehicle. Love the way the roof is retracted. Nice job with the camera work Tom! You didn’t enjoy this as much as the integra. I like this car. It has a nice look. Great review 👍

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