Is the 2022 BMW M4 Competition a BETTER performance car than an Audi RS5?

Is the 2022 BMW M4 Competition a BETTER performance car than an Audi RS5? Watch Now!

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The M4 Competition is a performance icon from BMW, Under the hood is a 3.0L twin-turbo straight-6 that pumps out 503HP & is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Is the 2022 BMW M4 Competition a BETTER performance car than an Audi RS5?
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videography: Steven Flood 🎥

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  1. Joe was really sweating his ass off in the first part . Literally dripping 😂😂. The man works hard and we appreciate you good Sir

  2. That’s that Inline 6 they pull like a freight train. I owned an E46 M3 and it was supercharged dynoed at 525Whp 485 lbs ft torque and it was the most fun car I’ve owned to date. Great video 👍

  3. Love this car. Great performance without sacrificing the practicality, no wonder why they are so popular.

  4. To answer the big question, I just saw a drag race. The RS 5 has a faster take-off and since it’s lighter than the BMW it’s better at launching. However in terms of raw speed, power and handling, the BMW will the Audi RS 5 and RS 6 in the dust, guaranteed. Beautiful machine, and it’s definitely worth the price.

  5. Joe, as always, thank you for the awesome video. Here’s why I went for the RS5, albeit the sportback version. #1 Markups on the BMW were insane and way higher than for the RS5 #2 Dealership experience at BMW was horrible #3 Delivery time: Audi RS5 custom ordered to the factory took 6 months from order date to delivery. For BMW they were estimating at least year and you’re on a waiting list. #4 That front grill on the BMW, I was willing to live with it, but now that I have the RS5, I’m glad I didn’t get the Bmer. Cheers!

  6. Save me the decision and send me one of each lol lol Awesome machine this BMW is!! That nose looks waaaaay better on an all black car that’s for sure!! And that Audi is nothing to sneeze at!! Stellar review Joe and Lori and Steven!! Keep em coming man!! That 1M subscribers milestone is right around the corner!! On throttle!!!

  7. I’m in love with BMW been a fan for some time now. I had a 1997 325i sedan in Boston Green a favorite color I miss it dearly. Thanks for the review and of course the camera angles!

  8. I love these new M4s in black but wow, what an underwhelming exhaust tone. Sounds like a Scion TC. And for that price, I shouldn’t have to go to the aftermarket to ramp up the exhaust tones. Also needs some carbon fiber sprinkled on the exterior there—front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, mirror caps, roof and trunk spoiler would be 🤌🏽

  9. The exhaust note on these M4 is utter disappointing.How can BMW make a performance vehicle sound so terrible. It’s ruins the experience IMO.

  10. Now this video is worth watching over a fuel saving plug in hybrid! I still despise the large kidney grilles on recent bmws but if you get one in a dark color it blends in. If I were to get one it will definitely be in a dark color

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