Is the 2022 VW ID.4 Pro AWD a BETTER compact SUV than a Toyota BZ4X?

Is the 2022 VW ID.4 Pro AWD a BETTER compact SUV than a Toyota BZ4X? Watch Now!

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The ID.4 is a compact crossover SUV from VW. On the outside of the ID.4 you will discover full LED lighting, glass roof, and 20in wheels. On the inside you will discover a flat bottom floor, digital gauge cluster and plenty of passenger volume. Power the Pro are (2) electric motors producing 295HP. Is the 2022 VW ID.4 Pro a BETTER compact SUV than a Toyota BZ4X?
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videography: Steven Flood 🎥

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  1. As a long time VW fan I didn’t understand the design at first but it has grown on me a lot since then great review 💯✅

  2. Another great review Joe – you give great info (that people actually need/care about), are thorough, and honest in your evaluations. It’s super helpful for those of us looking at potentially buying some of the cars you talk about. Thanks go out to you and the whole Raiti’s team!

  3. Can’t believe you didn’t do a 0-60 “On Throttle”. You always do that. Was looking forward to that with this one.

  4. Considering Toyota already had a recall for the wheels falling off on their electric car I guess the Volkswagen it is.

  5. As a Toyota fan, I’ve been very disappointed with how they’ve been handling EVs. They just aren’t taking it seriously.

  6. Love my 2021 RWD VW ID.4 Pro S. Same color, Kings Red. Really great car. I’ve never ran the battery all the way out (those of with EVs don’t do that) and L3 charging (free for 3 years with Electrify America) is pretty fast. 40-80% in 20 minutes. L2 charging at home puts 36 mph back into the pack so normal charging takes 2-3 hours. Really like the capacitive touch steering wheel controls, HVAC and Volume sliders. Infotainment is easy to use, especially with wireless Apple CarPlay. Oh, and it does have one-pedal driving. Selecting “B” mode when you drive engages it and lifting your foot off of the accelerator will slow the car quickly to about 2mph. Not a complete stop. With Travel assist lane centering and Automatic Cruise Control, bumper to bumper traffic is a snap.

  7. I’d luv to see the wagon version of this next – with a little longer cargo area. And I do agree with Joe,’ men especially like a decent armrest up front & all EVs should have master control knobs for volume & to toggle through various menu modes.

  8. Nice VW ID4 I love the way it looks. I like the interior of the ID4 and it’s a dandy.

  9. This will be my very first All-electric vehicle.

    Terrific job with your content as always Joe.

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