Is the 2023 Honda Pilot the BEST new midsize SUV to BUY?

Is the 2023 Honda Pilot the BEST new midsize SUV to BUY? Watch Now!

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FIRST LOOK: The ALL NEW Pilot is here and Honda wanted to up their game. This SUV competes with the Nissan Pathfinder, Kia Telluride, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Palisade, Mazda CX-9. Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango and Chevrolet Traverse. Under the hood is a NEW 3.5L V6 now producing 285HP & bolted to a 10-speed automatic. On the outside you will find 20in wheels, all new sheet metal, and LED headlights. On the inside there is a 9in infotainment system, and digital gauge cluster. Is the 2023 Honda Pilot the BEST new midsize SUV to BUY?
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videography: Lori Raiti 🎥

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  1. Can we just give Raiti and his wife a round of applause for providing consistently high quality content.

  2. Joe and Lori are the leaders of the pack, always bringing the reviews and news to us first.

    So much respect for the work Joe, Lori and Steven put in!

  3. This is by far the most excited I’ve been for a review since we decided it was time for a new car (the old car is going to the kids since they need a beater to learn how to drive!). I like the Kia and the Hyundai and even the Mazda, but I couldn’t commit to anything until I could see the 2023 Pilot. And it doesn’t disappoint! I’m in no rush, so I can wait until it’s available.

  4. That removable middle seat for the 2nd row is a nice idea. I’d love to see how it looks when it’s added in. Loving the vehicle so far.

  5. “If you cant love yourself, you can’t love anybody else.” Come for the car review; stick around for the free counseling. Thank you, Raiti. I’m going to go buy myself the new corvette now cuz it’s about time I start loving myself.

  6. Its so nice you released this video today. I went to my local Honda dealership last Friday and test drove the 2022 Pilot. The salesman team there kept ensuring me that nothing was final about the redesign and that I should go ahead with purchasing the 2022 one. I am now going to send them a link to this video 😂

  7. I’m impressed. It’s definitely a competitor for pathfinder. Can’t wait to see you go on throttle with it. 😀

  8. Huge improvement from previous gen, and still has a V6.
    Definitely superior to the new 4 cyl. Highlander

  9. Great job, Joe and Lori! I love the direction Honda is going with the CR-V, Passport, and Pilot. I’m sure they’re going to sell a ton of them.

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