Is this 2001 Acura Integra GS-R a BETTER performer than a 2020 Honda Civic Type R?

Is this 2001 Acura Integra GS-R a BETTER performer than a 2020 Honda Civic Type R? Watch Now!

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You can buy a NEW Honda Civic Type R and have a fast FWD performance car from the factory. LHT Performance wants to help you build a faster car and have something very unique. This 2001 Acura Integra GS-R is a resto-mod of sorts. LHT Performance restored certain aspects back to new stock condition but in other areas used their engineering know-how to create a FWD performance car that would perform better than anything brand new from the Honda factory. Let me show you all the ins & outs of this Integra GS-R and than take you for a ride with 350HP going to the wheels. Is this 2001 Acura Integra GS-R a better performer than a 2020 Honda Civic Type R?
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    1. Its alright, not THE best. Check out “vasile garage” channels integra or “4 bangers production” channels integra to name a few.

  1. Man the Integra has always looked so good, too bad Honda can’t design a car that’s looks as sleek as this.

    1. Exactly well said my friend, I switched over to the hot hatch wrx sti … the new civics look like garbage. I owned a civic coupe with gsr swap , crx si with zcdohc , and a civic hatchback, all good looking cars. Sadly that area of looks went away. Subaru is doing the same thing as well.

    1. Zero System yes you could prepare a sandwich on it! That’s how clean I keep the engine bays on my vehicles too!! It’s so important to me!

  2. That 1.8 liter inline 4 VTEC sounds super awesome, I even got excited when I hear the turbo spools up and fludder with the engine sound…! Put a 😃 on my face every time.

  3. This car takes me back to high school in the early 2000s. I wasn’t an import guy but the GSR defined a generation of imports. Respect.

  4. Whenever someone tells me why would they ever get a car like this when they could just get something faster/nicer, your reaction to driving this GSR is the perfect answer. !!!!

  5. This is the kind of review we’d love to see you. That era type of car! Not just modern cars.
    Thanks Joe!

  6. LHT is always so clean, balanced, and meticulous with their builds whether it’s ac shop or customer’s vehicle.
    Highly underrated performance tuning shop/brand.

  7. In 90’s these car designs were led by engineers who were involved in actual racing in Japan. Todays car designs are led by marketing guys, no wonder they have similar shapes.

    1. @Sounds for money making supercar looks aren’t affected, they can do much better on every day cars. Problem is the people designing cars now are more interested in tablets than a fun car that looks great.

    2. They are also shackled by nanny government safety laws that are unnecessary and effect the design drastically.

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