Kawasaki Mule Pro Mx, Multi-Use Utility Vehicle Reviews

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX has a fuel-injected 695cc single-cylinder engine and four-wheel disc brakes. This multi-use utility vehicle‘s bed has a tailgate and dump feature and a rearward tilt to make rinsing out materials easy. A diamond-plate finish gives the bed a relatively smooth floor. Available accessory packages include the Utility package, Open Range package, Adventure package, and Hard Cab.

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX EPS

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX ESP is a sport utility vehicle with a wide range of uses. It is equally happy cruising around the farm or taking to the trails. Baja 1000 racers are unlikely to select the Mule Pro MX as their vehicle of choice, however. The Mule is best suited for speeds that fit its size, and its engine and suspension make it an excellent choice for these purposes.

Mule Pro-MX EPS side-by-side has dependable engine braking, plush independent suspension, an independent parking brake, and high-speed efficiency. It also features a powerful, durable frame with a high level of flex and a plush suspension system. The EPS model comes with LED inner headlights and a speed-sensitive electric power steering system. It can tow up to 1,500 pounds with a standard 2-inch hitch receiver.

MULE PRO-MX(tm) side-by-side is equipped with plenty of storage and features, including a lockable glove box and multiple pockets. This provides ample space for your gear and ensures that it stays organized and accessible. Its storage options are incredibly convenient for easy transport and storage of your tools. If you plan to use your side-by-side for other purposes, consider investing in a MULE PRO-MX EPS.

The Mule Pro-MX EPS is a mid-size utility UTV that’s made for working in rugged terrain. It’s comfortable for two passengers and offers enough muscle to cover more ground in less time. It’s a versatile and capable machine that’s also great for fun after work. Kawasaki Motors distributes the Mule Pro-MX EPS in Canada.

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Engine

The fuel-injected 695cc single-cyclinder engine on the Kawasaki MULE PRO-MX side-by-side delivers class-leading torque. The system’s continuous variable transmission and centrifugal clutch ensure smooth power delivery. It also offers a robust braking system and has a 700-pound hauling capacity.

Mule Pro-MX‘s fuel-injected 695cc single-cyclinder engine is similar to that found in full-size FX models. It produces about 45 horsepower and is routed through a CVT transmission for smooth operation. Despite being smaller, the Mule Pro-MX’s engine is tuned for excellent performance and offers a wide torque curve for hauling heavy loads.

MULE PRO-MX engine delivers class-leading torque and horsepower. Its power and torque are impressive, enabling you to cover more ground in less time. MULE PRO-MX side-by-sides also feature an independent parking brake, class-leading ground clearance, and reliable engine braking. The Kawasaki MULE PRO-MX side-by-side comes with a three-year warranty.

The MULE PRO-MX has an odometer, digital speedometer, dual trip meters, and a fuel gauge. A multi-function display on the dash allows you to monitor fifteen features. The dash also includes cup holders and lockable glove box. This motorcycle is available with a Kawasaki STRONG three-year limited warranty.

The MULE PRO-MX’s chassis is fully tuned for work and play. Kawasaki refers to the frame as’shinari-tuned.’ Shinari is Japanese for elasticity. “Shinari” means to bend without breaking. Its elasticity returns to its original shape. Kawasaki has engineered the Mule PRO-MX’s frame to be flexible in key areas. Four-wheel independent suspension helps reduce engine vibration and improve ride comfort.

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Disc brakes

The Mule Pro MX is equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. It features 212mm rotors and twin piston calipers up front. The rear rotors feature a single piston caliper. Its CVT transmission allows it to stop quickly on both empty and loaded trails. The Mule Pro MX is covered by a three-year warranty.

The Mule Pro MX is powered by a fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that makes 45 horsepower. The engine is routed through a CVT transmission and is tuned to run smoothly. Kawasaki DFI fuel injection means you won’t have to rebuild the carburetor. The Mule Pro MX also features a rear-view mirror. It features six accessory bundles. The full-sized Mule can be purchased with a three or six-seat cabin.

All Mule Pro MX models are equipped with steel dump beds and a cargo capacity of 1,200 pounds. They are equipped with a standard two-inch hitch receiver and all models feature digital instrumentation and warning lights in the center. The SE version adds LED inner headlights and speed-sensitive electric power steering. It has a full-featured cab, including a lockable glove box and storage tray.

For safety, Kawasaki Mule Pro MX side-by-sides feature four-wheel disc brakes for added traction and braking power. The Mule Pro MX also features a lockable glovebox and convenient storage for valuables. The MULE PRO MX SE has a 3,000-lb winch with remote control and features cast aluminum wheels. The seat has ample leg clearance and refined ergonomics.

Kawasaki Mule Pro MX Cab

The cab of the Kawasaki Mule Pro MX is a comfortable two-person seat with generous padding and tilt steering column. A lockable glove box, a tray, and two dashboard pockets add convenience and storage. A heated seat and vents keep you comfortable in the cold winter months. Adding a cab heater is also a good idea. The Mule Pro MX cab also features a large storage area for valuables.

The Mule Pro-MX models share the same fuel-injected 695cc engine. Kawasaki specifically developed this engine for the Mule Pro-MX, and it produces 45 hp. The engine is routed through a CVT and tuned for smooth operation. Kawasaki DFI technology means you’ll never need to rebuild a carburetor again. Lastly, the Mule Pro-MX offers a wide range of optional Kawasaki accessories.

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