Lamborghini: A Crazy Story of Prisoners Revenge

Lamborghini: A Crazy Story of Prisoners Revenge Watch Now!

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The INSANE Story of Lamborghini – the tractor tycoon who built Lamborghini cars after an argument with Enzo Ferrari. Lamborghini vs Ferrari would then be an ongoing business battle. But this is the true story of Lamborghini and Lamborghini’s history, and how a prisoner of war (Ferruccio Lamborghini) ended up building a very successful tractor business, and then pivoting to start a new company selling luxury sports cars. This Lamborghini mini-movie is an epic entrepreneurial underdog success story, of how Lamborghini built a billion dollar brand from scratch, and became one of the richest men in the country through his innovation. But of course, as with any good business story, expect plenty of drama on the rise to the top! On MagnatesMedia we look at big company stories; documentaries on business stories and how they built their company and got so rich. This video covers the story of Lamborghini – but turn on notifications for more big company business movies!

Ferruccio Lamborghini is the man behind one of the biggest luxury car brands in the world. But what most people don’t know about him is that before he started making supercars, he actually had the biggest tractor company in Italy. And what even less people know is that before he was a tractor tycoon, he was a prisoner of war. Ferruccio’s engineering skills are what helped him to create some of the best tractors in the world, but an argument with Enzo Ferrari is what made him change course and set out to create the best supercar in the world, leading to a huge ongoing battle between the two men.

00:00 The Story of Lamborghini Begins (Prologue)
02:51 The Tractor Tycoon (Chapter 1)
06:32 The Ferrari Feud (Chapter 2)
08:56 15 FREE Stocks (Amazing Sponsor Deal)
09:56 Engine Full of Bricks (Chapter 3)
13:09 Disaster (Chapter 4)
14:49 Legacy (Chapter 5)

He was rejected by Ferrari, so he built Lamborghini.
How A Fight With Ferrari Created Lamborghini
How a war prisoner created Lamborghini
The Tractor tycoon who built Lamborghini
Lamborghini: A Business Built on Revenge
The War Prisoner Who Built Lamborghini Out Of Revenge
How Ferrari Accidentally Created Lamborghini
How a war prisoner who made tractors created Lamborghini out of revenge
The Untold Truth of Lamborghini: From Revenge to Riches
The War Prisoner Who Built Lamborghini Out Of Revenge
How The Man Who Was Rejected By Ferrari Built Lamborghini

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  5. I’m proud of how far you’ve come John, daily uploads! Goddamn, no loss of quality either. Respect.

  6. It was interested to see the changes Lamborghini had gone though all those years. Ferrochio was a visionary and innovator who sadly had to sell his company due to rough economic backlash. Glad to see he lived out his life with a successful business on the side and good to those who bought the company and turned it into a well known brand today . Great content as always MagnatesMedia.

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