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The first Mercedes Benz logo was designed in 1902 and featured a title with three points later.  Other sources say the early version of the Mercedes-Benz logo was a gold star inspired by the symbol that Gottlieb Daimler used to put on postcards from Gottlieb Daimler. During Mercedes-Benz’s evolution, the original logo for the Mercedes-Benz is modified, eventually becoming a white star at the centre of a thick, rounded border, with details surrounding the edges. Today, the silver circle with a three-pointed star at its center is recognized today as the Mercedes-Benz logo.

Mercedes Benz Logo History

The Mercedes car logo began in 1903 with a simple oval in black, with the name written in the center. In 1909, the logo was changed to a circular design, with the word “Benz” in black on a grey circle. A black border surrounding the emblem featured a crest-style wreath. The Mercedes logo is one of the world’s most recognizable symbols, and it conveys the company’s vision of luxury and innovation.

The three-pointed star was trademarked by DMG, as did the four-pointed star. The star was surrounded by laurels, which were also found in the Benz & Cie logo. In 1926, the DMG and Benz & Cie companies merged to form Mercedes-Benz. In the beginning, the company was referred to as Daimler-Benz AG, but was later changed to Mercedes-Benz.

The three-pointed star that is part of the Mercedes logo was trademarked in 1909. The star represents the company’s engineering excellence and is a three-pointed symbol. It has evolved many times throughout the years, but the current star design is a familiar design. The star also represents the company’s dominance in the automotive industry. Symbolic of the Mercedes brand, it has a rich history.


The Mercedes Benz logo has undergone several changes over the years. The three-pointed star was first used in 1909, when Daimler sent a postcard to his wife and sketched the first design. He predicted that his logo would bring success to the company. The three-pointed star design was eventually refined, and it was changed to include four separate stars around the primary star. The company’s name appears at the bottom of the emblem. The logo remained the same for the next decade.

Here is one of The Mercedes-Benz Collection video if you’d like to watch it!

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