NEW BMW 3 Series review – reborn or ruined?! | What Car?

NEW BMW 3 Series review – reborn or ruined?! | What Car? Watch Now!

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The new BMW 3 Series has just had a facelift. But what’s new and is it any good? Watch to find out.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro and background
0:57 Rivals
1:08 New design
1:42 Interior
2:21 Infotainment
3:46 Practicality
4:31 Engines
4:42 Driving impressions
6:49 Best thing
7:05 Worst thing and outro

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  1. Superb cars, as are the 5 Series. Shame they’re removed the physical buttons and I’m not a fan of these extended slab screens that BMW have used here and that Mercedes use.

  2. While I love the interior design I still can’t feel the same for the exterior, something is missing at any view angle.

  3. Apart from removing the physical climate controls (I wish they’d listen to their customers), it’s a 👍🏼 from me.

  4. So sad what BMW has become. They used to make the best dials and switchgear in the business. I don’t see how this is significantly better than an E46.

  5. I currently own a 330e M Sport Touring… so wish they’d not removed the physical buttons and BIG BIG opportunity missed by not enhancing the batteries and hence the range. If was 60 plus miles would be very happy.

  6. Just sold my 3 series and desperately missing it. Great driving car and the dealer i sold it to moved it on in 3 days.

  7. I love the front revamp, I like the new idrive 8 but the mercedes screen setup doesn’t fit with the cabin design

  8. No shortcut buttons? NOOOOOOOOO BMW, what have you done. Massive backwards step, it’s what spectated your from the rest of the pack when it comes to interior functionality. A sad day

  9. After seeing the car at the Shawroom removed any doubt about getting the pre face-lift 340i rather than getting this one. no regrets.

  10. Would I spend £40K on this car -good and pretty as it is- instead of an EV? I don’t think so.
    BMW should follow Ford’s example in dumping the Fiesta.
    Saying all that, if you give me one, I’ll have it.

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