NEW BMW X1 vs BMW iX1 review – new electric champion? | What Car?

NEW BMW X1 vs BMW iX1 review – new electric champion? | What Car? Watch Now!

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Is the new BMW X1 better than ever? And is the fully-electric BMW iX1 a class-leading EV?? Watch to find out.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Intro and background
0:46 Rivals
1:06 What’s new
1:35 Interior
3:54 Practicality
4:53 Engines
6:16 Driving the iX1
8:18 Driving the X1
9:33 Best thing
9:44 Worst thing
10:00 Pricing and verdict

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  1. Both look like lovely cars. X1 is really the perfect size. I have owned one for 4 years now.

  2. I would much rather the iX1 than the £60,000 Nissan EV. It has more space, is more practical, faster and has a better badge!

  3. Another fabulous car ruined by touch screen madness. What will it take for car manufacturers to realise that physical knobs and buttons are far superior – and safer – to use than touchscreen controls. Especially for basic controls like volume and aircon. This new BMW is a fabulous looking car, but the touchscreen problem is a dealbreaker for me (and many others I’m sure). The sooner this touchscreen fad passes, the better and safer our cars will be.

  4. Very nice but 1 week ago bought a 1 year old 71 plate X drive 2.0d , Old shape model as the new one won’t fit in my garage or through the gates. Too big and bloated. Seems as if all manufaturers are all trying to make their cars bigger without thought to the infrastructure.
    If you want one delivery is quoted at up to a year

  5. you never put a touch screen anything in a car and no dial is a big no-no thank you v much.instead of putting bigger batteries in to get more range why not build the car with more carbon to keep the weight down ?

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