New Citroën C5X review – Citroën is back on form! | What Car?

New Citroën C5X review – Citroën is back on form! | What Car? Watch Now!

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Is it an estate, a hatchback or an SUV? But most importantly, is it a good car? Watch our new Citroën C5X review for the answers.

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Video chapters:
0:00 A cheap luxury car?
0:58 Size and rivals
1:30 Interior
4:34 Rear seats
5:56 Boot space
7:13 Driving
9:37 Engines
10:27 Verdict and outro

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  1. I don’t think the PHEV version is the best to road test. It’s very, very expensive and heavier than the others. Realistically if you talk about purchase price this car significantly undercuts most rivals – unless you opt for the hybrid….. Which offers cheap BIK to company car drivers, but it’s premium price means it’ll still have a higher TCO for almost everyone.

  2. On a second watch of this video, I’ve noticed that there was a reference on the power output of the engines but an omission of the displacement. Considering that this car runs on a mere 1.2lt engine on steroids, was that an oversight or an intentional omission? For all those of us who don’t buy into the electrification hype, a 1.2lt engine for a car of this size, is a serious dealbraker.

  3. At 6 foot 3 I have been in the back of a C5X and had no issues and my head didn’t touch the roof

  4. Another C5x hybrid test with adaptive suspension. Waste of time review as for most people, the short electric range is not of much use. Too expensive. Economy on the motorway really compromises the fuel consumption. Please test a 1.2 Sense Plus. Really great value.

  5. If there’s just one PHEV hybrid model in the range, how can the efficiency be _”from”_ 236 MPG (see 09:54)? 🤔
    Surely that should read _”up to”,_ instead?

  6. In order for the steering wheel not to cut off the top of the instrument cluster, have you tried… setting it higher? It’s clearly not at max height in the video!

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