NEW Peugeot 408 – details on radical new SUV | What Car?

NEW Peugeot 408 – details on radical new SUV | What Car? Watch Now!

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Is the new Peugeot 408 a future plug-in hybrid king? Or is it just a Citroen C5 X with a Peugeot badge?! Watch to find out everything we know so far

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  1. Lovely car, the design is eye catching , splendid leg room at the back, years back had a 505 Peugeot, really miss its comfort, leg room and suspension system, pity current Peugeot dealer in Kenya appears to be a failure, this was a brand that was once most popular in Africa!

  2. Stunning car, Peugeot are really on a role at the minute. Should be more dynamic to drive than the Citroen too.

    1. Their recent cars have been pretty bland to drive. I dont see this being any different.

  3. Personally I prefer the smoother lines of the C5X. And it does have physical buttons for climate, which I much prefer

    1. TBH I like both 408 and C5X design. Both are unique even though they share the exact same platform.

      Citroens are not available in my country, though, so there will be no confusion which car gets in my wishlist 😙

    2. @some one in my eyes it’s the Peugeot that has hard lines and creases everywhere, it reminds me of the Urus

  4. The exterior is amazing and very cohesive. The interior is incredibly dark and I fear for the ergonomics. Recently I sat back to back in a Peugeot 2008 and the new Citroen C4, and the difference was night and day. Citroen’s ergonomics were spot on, with clear unobstructed views of all important information across the two screens plus HUD. Screens are nice and high, almost at eye level. Climate controls were great. The area for your phone(s) was one of the most practical designs I have seen. The cabin was light and airy. And then the Peugeot was the opposite of all of that.

    1. Agreed on the exterior, looks really nice.

      I disagree to an extent on the interior, I like the cosseting feeling you get from a dark interior but as the reviewer notes you are potentially correct about the ergonomics.

      I’ve seen several reviewers of recent Peugeots all say you’ve got to sit in one to see if the odd steering wheel and dashboard layout work for you.

  5. peugeot is killing it since 2017 with their stunning designs and quality
    they even beating some luxury brands right now

    1. I agreed with that statement until I saw this car. There’s just too much going on for me… And that rear bumper is awful!! (It’s not as noticeable in grey)

  6. The iCockpit works brilliantly for tall, fit/skinny people. If you are short, the steering wheel will cut off some of the view to the instruments screen. If you are fat, you will want to position the steering wheel higher, and the effect will be similar.
    The regular setups are exactly the opposite. If you are tall and fit, you have to lower your head to see the instruments through the steering wheel, because the top of the steering wheel cuts off your view.
    This is why French people love it and Brits don’t.

  7. I like both, the Citroen and the Peugeot, the only way to choose of of the two is to drive them

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