NEW Range Rover Sport Hybrid review – the ultimate PHEV?? | What Car?

NEW Range Rover Sport Hybrid review – the ultimate PHEV?? | What Car? Watch Now!

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In this new Range Rover Sport hybrid review we find out if this luxury SUV is the ultimate plug-in hybrid.

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Video chapters:
0:24 1. Background
0:44 2. Rivals
0:58 3. Range Rover differences
2:24 4. Interior quality
2:53 5. Practicality
3:50 6. Engines
4:41 7. Driving
7:55 8. Best thing
8:09 9. Worst thing
8:38 10. Pricing

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  1. My personal, real world experience (not some bot) of my 2014 3.0 RRS is that in 100k miles from new, is that it’s a superbly reliable and economical, yes economical (avg 42mpg) vehicle. The only thing that has gone wrong with it in 8 1/2 years was the air suspension pump and that didn’t leave me stranded. Try looking at a puddle in a BMW and you need to reserve a new engine – just in case. Maybe it’s all about the quality of the nut that holds the steering wheel?
    New P440e due 6th October, but I will be sad to see this loyal soldier go (maybe I will just keep them both?).

    1. @Ben Jammin
      I can only guess you ‘genuinely’ work for JLR, so what would you buy instead of a JLR, I’m intrigued?🤔

    2. been a rr tech for 15 years and my god youve got a unicorn, they are the most unreliable cars on the road in every study conducted every year, we have them in constantly having melted their engines or parts simply fall off, i absolutely would never buy a range rover and i work on them everyday, absolute garbage cars

  2. This is off the charts for desirability! Land Rover are absolutely smashing it right now – at the top of their game.

    1. Come back to what im about to say in 5 years time.

      This new range rover sport will be the best selling SUV in HISTORY.

  3. Really a good looking Suv-Btw Great review as always.Keep up the good work what car team🙂.

  4. Gorgeous. But having rejcted an Evoque after 18mths due to problems I’m still not sure I’d buy one – even if I had the casH!

    1. I like it a lot, except there are no “bumpers” as such. Impact protection I’m sure is great; but expect a LOT of trips to a LR bodyshop thanks to other overly friendly vehicles.

    2. @Carfan678 looking the same as the Velar is no bad thing and it looks nothing like a Pathfinder!

    3. Ehh the last one looked better the front of this almost looks the same as the velar and the rear end is giving 2022 Nissan Pathfinder

  5. I have driven a 2017 RR Sport and it was great, but I’ve also driven an XC90 and can’t help but think the cheaper Volvo was just as great albeit much cheaper. Yes there would be a few compromises on a Volvo but I doubt much would actually make a difference for everyday use. Not that I could ever afford to buy either car… 😂😂😂

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