NEW Smart #1 review – weird name, great EV?! | What Car?

NEW Smart #1 review – weird name, great EV?! | What Car? Watch Now!

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Forget what you know. This is the Smart #1 (Hashtag One) – and it is NOTHING like any Smart that has come before it. Which is good, to be honest… But what’s this new fully electric SUV like? And is it better than a Cupra Born? Watch to find out.

00:26 – 1. Background
01:57 – 2. Rivals
02:21 – 3. Interior
04:04 – 4. Practicality
05:19 – 5. Range
05:46 – 6. Charging
06:13 – 7. Driving
08:48 – 8. BEST THING
08:57 – 9. WORST THING
09:01 – 10. Pricing

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  1. Great ‘hashtag’ review 😀
    I’m assuming CarPlay & Android Auto are standard so Chinese-inspired UI doesn’t bother me.
    I would have interested to know more about creature comforts (USB C?, heated seats, reversing camera, etc) but Asian cars are usually very well equipped.
    Priced right with a decent warranty and stable software this could give the ID3 a right kick in the balls

  2. Personally I’m not struck on the interface as it’s a bit too cartoonish and in my opinion not in keeping with the relatively sophisticated look of the rest of the car. On the plus side that’s only software and I guess could be changed but then again some might like it. At the end of the day it’s nice to have another new car to consider!

  3. The closer an EV-only future gets the worse it feels. Tiny ranges and everyone sat around for hours at charging points.

  4. I’d have to put a sticker over that fox, and I don’t like the button down roof. The froot would surely be a much better place to store the charge cable than under the boot floor though.

  5. I’m buying the Smart #1 Brabus so I’m biased but you didn’t do it justice in explaining why it has so much kit it looks like a real bargain.. 13 speaker stereo, electric tailgate, heads-up display, lane keeping assist, auto overtaking, 360 cameras, automatic self parking, full panoramic roof with electric blind, the 22kw onboard AC charger is a game changer at this price, dog mode, heat pump, refrigerated cooler box, matrix led lights, auto closing grill, plus all the obvious things like electric and heated seats, isofix including front passenger seat, adaptive cruise control , full width front and rear light bars. Only the base model doesn’t have all this kit. Oh it has 75% over the air updates. There’s more but I don’t want to hurt your head.😮Oh and VTL

  6. I’m not normally bothered by this but the panel gaps on that front bumper are dreadful, can’t believe they did that on a press car.

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