Should you BUY the 2020 Subaru BRZ tS or WAIT for the REDESIGN?

Should you BUY the 2020 Subaru BRZ tS or WAIT for the REDESIGN? Watch Now!

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The BRZ tS is BACK and there are only going to be 300 made! Featured in only Ceramic White for 2020, the BRZ tS is built to be a lethal track weapon Under it’s skin are STI tuned Sachs dampers, springs, and chassis bracing. On the outside you will find STI bronze colored wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport tires, On the inside you will see a special interior only for the BRZ ts. Is the 2020 BRZ tS worth a serious look?
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  1. Just bought myself a 2020 BRZ TS and I’m amazed of how well this car feels connected to the road and how it handles. It really is a true drivers car! This is coming from a owner of a 2019 STI as well. Does NOT need more power. It’s balanced the way it is. I get the car and I’m happy the way it is. Costs the same as a base RF club Miata but you’re getting so much more for the money and exclusivity. It has exceeded my expectations.

    1. @Ryan Stansbury the 2020 models are extremely rare and hard to find anywhere as owners are not bored of them yet. But perhaps in a year or so you will see used ones for sale on car gurus. I see 2018 Ts models more on car sites.

  2. Honestly I love the look and interior but the center console is a huge turn off. Definitely wait for the redesign. I’m also curious what Toyota will touch on when it comes to their front door as well

  3. The redesign will be tempting, however, I like to play safe, its usually better to buy the last of a series than the first on a new one.

    1. If they put the 2.5 flat 4 in you should be somewhat safe and they also have a very durable turbo charger to

  4. Actually the clock is kind of cool retro.. love the simplicity. I would totally go with 2022 with all the press releases happening right now. 228bhp for a 4cyl non turbo is amazing, I also love the early 90s sports cars. This reminds of the early preludes …😍

  5. as an owner of a 2013 brz for about three years i think they should make it go fast, after all the equipment on it i really want them to make go faster smoother more controlled and enjoyable to ride thats all am saying man.

  6. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for you to cover this one specifically. Been planning on having my first sports car be a BRZ for years but I’m debating on whether to hold out for the upcoming refresh or not.

  7. Very tempting to wait for the upcoming revamped model, but buying the last of the current gen is an excellent decision as well; all the kinks, zonks and other issues have mostly been worked out by the end of a model run.

  8. I’m happy with my 2020 GT86 GT, but boy do I wish my example had that performance package. That being said, the tS would’ve been a must-buy if it had the same spoiler/wheels as the original tS.

  9. Pretty unfortunate that they opted to water it down from the previous TS model. I mean it’s cheaper but I would want the full kit and wing to go with it.

  10. It looks great! Love the wheels! Gloss black scratches so easily. It should all be in matte finish. Black badging would look so much better. I like the red in the door panel. I’d rather have Twizzlers then Slim Jims. Lol

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