Skoda Enyaq vRS: All style, no substance?

Skoda Enyaq vRS: All style, no substance? Watch Now!

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Meet the new Skoda Enyaq vRS Coupe!

It’s the sportier, more stylish brother to the regular Enyaq SUV, and Mat’s about to find out if it has what it takes to live alongside the rather impressive regular Enyaq!

One of the key differences is the exterior design. Around the back, you’re treated to a sporty sloping roofline, along with a sporty bumper and reflective light strip that comes exclusively with this vRS mode. There’s also some vRS badging spread about the car, while up front there’s a dazzling crystal grille that even lights up!

Take a step inside the styling largely mirrors that of the regular SUV. However, that’s not exactly a bad thing! Sure the digital dials could be a bit larger, and we’d prefer to have a few more physical buttons, but generally, it’s a pretty spacious, well-laid-out SUV.

In terms of performance, all Enyaq Coupes come with a 77kWh battery pack, with the range-topping being able to deliver a claimed range of 339 miles. There are three motor options to choose from, with this vRS coming with dual motors for an output of 299hp.

But should you really spend £55,000 on this vRS Coupe? Or are there better, sportier EVs out there for a similar price that you should consider instead? Stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Design
02:17 Interior
04:07 Back Seats
05:40 Back Seats
06:59 5 Annoying Things
08:53 5 Cool Things
09:52 Batteries & Range
10:12 Motors
10:31 Town Driving
11:51 Motorway Driving
12:40 Country Road Driving
13:32 0-60mph
14:15 Verdict

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  1. The boot cover fits behind the back seats, thats why there are bumps on the sides. I think that almost every recent Škoda with this kind of cover have this option.

  2. This is like a GTA rendition of a Tesla / BMW where they merged two cars together to avoid copyright infringement, X6 and model 3 😂

  3. It’s clear, even more clear with those “performance” models that Volkswagen is still a lot behind its competitors regarding powertrains.
    The MEB platform is still extremely weak in that regard, especially compared to the competitors.

  4. So how much power is it making at less than 88%? What’s the difference in performance from say 90% or more and 85% or less?

  5. It’s not just this particular Enyaq Coupe that has the panoramic glass roof, EVERY Enyaq Coupe comes with a glass roof as standard.

  6. I’ve been driving an Enyaq iV 60 for just over a year now, really sastifed with it, especially since I’ve waited only 2 months for it 😂

  7. This is the second review I’ve seen where I didn’t know the car being reviewed was electric. I guess the distinction is becoming less and less important. A good thing.

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