Tesla Model 3 Performance Parts

Let’s talk about Tesla Model 3 Performance Parts. There are a few Tesla Model 3 Performance Parts parts that will make a difference for your Tesla Model 3. I’ll discuss UP x KAM, EVannex, and EVannex EVs, and the reason why these parts are so important. Also, remember that there’s no warranty for non-original equipment. And, while Tesla might suggest these parts to save money, they may not meet their high standards for quality, fit, corrosion resistance, and fit.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Parts UP x KAM

UP and KAM are teaming up to create aftermarket performance parts for the Tesla Model 3. The company has created carbon-fibre spoilers and wider front fenders that will add aerodynamics. It also promises to release more parts for the Model 3 later this year. The front wide fender set will cost $8,845.

UP x KAM carbon-fiber body panels are pre-impregnated with epoxy resin before being precision-cut by hand and assembled by artisans. The resulting carbon-fiber parts are adorned with a special collaboration sticker, which allows drivers to distinguish their UP x KAM car from any other. The carbon-fiber body panels are available in limited numbers, with a price tag of $1,745 USD for a Model 3 trunk spoiler.

UP x KAM also plans to offer carbon-fibre front fenders and a high-downforce spoiler for the Tesla Model 3. The company is committed to providing more Tesla owners with premium aftermarket performance parts, and promises to keep their promise. The carbon-fibre body panels and fenders will be handcrafted and show off the brand’s connection with Koenigsegg.

UP x KAM’s Tesla aftermarket line is composed entirely of premium merchandise. Among the high-end Tesla Model 3 body kits, a set of carbon-fiber spoilers will cost approximately $1,745. Large Tesla entrance fenders will cost $8,845. All these performance parts will increase the car’s aerodynamic properties. However, the UP x KAM body kits aren’t for the faint of heart.

UP x KAM performance parts for the Tesla Model 3 were developed in collaboration with Hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing. The partnership between the two companies began privately in 2021, and UP x KAM parts are already available for purchase globally. The UP x KAM parts will add a unique style and performance to the Model 3 and other Teslas. There are plans to expand this partnership to produce more parts.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Parts EVannex

EVannex offers a range of Tesla Model 3 performance parts to enhance the car’s overall performance. For those interested in upgrading their car’s performance, Evannex has two options: a paperback book and an E-Book. The paperback version includes a list of tips for prepping your car and the E-Book includes a step-by-step guide to home charging.

Here are a few Tesla Model 3 Performance videos if you’d like to check them!

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