The 1987 Chevy Blazer Is How SUVs Used to Be

The 1987 Chevy Blazer Is How SUVs Used to Be Watch Now!

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Chevy K5 Blazer review! The old-school K5 Blazer is a cool SUV — and it reminds us of how SUVs used to be. Today I’m reviewing the K5 Blazer, and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of this old-school SUV from the past. I’m also going to drive the K5 Blazer and show you what it’s like behind the wheel.


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  1. I love it when Doug does reviews of these older vehicles. Massive respect to him! Great Video Doug!

  2. Doug and I are a similar age, and when he says “it is only 25 years old”, I end up nodding my head in agreement…only to realize that, wait a minute, it is THIRTY FIVE years old. This is how you know us old millennials are getting old. Because everything from the mid-80s to the 2000’s is “only 25 years old” while everything post 2000 may as well be just five years ago.

  3. I like all of Dougs videos and watch all of them, but this kind of cars are the most interesting for me, much more than latest craziest supercars.

  4. Doug is knocking it out of the park. Yesterday I watched his Mega Cruiser review🤤. I love my 80 series Land Cruiser. Today, he’s doing the Blazer. I got a 79 Blazer, three on the tree straight 6!

  5. What I like about Doug that he has no limit when it comes to kind of cars that he reviews. That was my ride when I used to work in Saudi Arabia.. loved it so much.

  6. My buddy had a 1985 GMC Jimmy in high school and it was fully loaded. Auto hubs, electric windows, auto transmission and much more. It was a beast off road too. It was better off road then the late 90’s full size Blazer’s. Best part you could put 33’s on stock suspension. Which was really good for a vehicle of this time.

  7. My family had one of these and I had a stack of MAD MAGAZINES stuffed into the pouch we would read as kids sitting in the back. I miss those days. 🤩

  8. Growing up in the midwest back when these were new I remember how heavy the tail gates were. They did get lighter as the sheetmetal on these started rusting away after the first winter. Lovely truck, hard to find one that has not rusted back to the earth. This looks like a great buy for someone. Keep these older reviews coming, love them.

  9. My Dad had an ’84 4×4. He called it “The Pig”. When the 4 speed 1/2 ton automatic transmission went he replaced it with the 3 speed from a 3/4 ton truck to increase the towing capacity. It got 16 MPG on the highway, downhill, with a tailwind, with the 4 speed.

  10. Doug’s dad face and voice while saying “you sat back there, and you liked it” was perfection.

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