The 2022 Honda Civic Is the New Version of Everyone’s Favorite Small Car

The 2022 Honda Civic Is the New Version of Everyone’s Favorite Small Car Watch Now!

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2022 Honda Civic review! The 2022 Honda Civic is totally new — and today, I’m reviewing the new model. First I’ll show you around the new Civic, and I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the 2022 Civic. Then I’ll drive the new 2022 Honda Civic and review its driving experience.


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    1. the ’78 civic hatch was a small compact car, let me tell you. i’m 5’8″ and not some blubby tub of goo, and was mostly squished in it. but it was glorious.

  1. My buddy just got one of these and I thought it looked pretty amazing in person. More simple than the outgoing generation and I loved it’s proportions. It’s also a lot more simple and classy in the interior. Also you can still get a 6 speed in the hatch.

    1. @automachinehead Technically yes, but if you buy one you’ll need an engine rebuild after 80k miles.

    2. dunno about you but when I was checking out this from my nearest honda dealer, I thought the interior screams cheap

  2. You hit on a lot of points of why we bought one. We purchased a 2022 LX for my daughter, decent car, solid all around, lots of safety options standard (even on the base). And the gas mileage on that 2.0 starts to get near hybrid territory. Although she would argue the cool factor is well beyond a 1 lol!

  3. I’ve been driving my Civic for almost a year now (bought it in July 2021 during the height of the chip shortage… waited a month or two to make sure I got a ’22 instead of a ’21).

    I have to say, it is the most enjoyable car I’ve ever ridden, let alone driven. The suspension is smooth, the handling is tight and the features are amazing. This is my first car with LKAS and ACC and it’s amazing. It FEELS new and ‘space-age’, the interior is so sleek and I really enjoy it. The single piece of trim going across the whole dashboard really harkens back to classic Hondas but feels like a fresh take on it. People compliment the interior whenever they get in my car.

    I was hesitant to take on a payment for a car bc I’ve only ever purchased used cars but I’m more than happy with my purchase. I’m going to take care of the car and if it lasts me a long time, Honda will have a customer for life.

  4. “there has come to be a lot of space in these tiny cars” Yeah Doug because they’re not tiny anymore they’re literally growing a foot per generation lmao

    1. @Traveling with Andrew Close enough to be negligible. The point was that you do NOT need a “large SUV”.

    2. @Who Knows I tried a lot of them and none can match my 2010 Camry for back seat room for 3. Unless I go to a huge SUV.

  5. Call me a weirdo but I love it most when Doug does normal working class cars, especially pristine ones from the 70s-2000s.

    1. You’re not a weirdo, you’re the majority , most people aren’t car nerds and most people don’t need a sports car that goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds to go pick up groceries after the kids soccer practice.

  6. I’ve been driving this car for about 4 months and I absolutely love it. Fuel economy is great, seats are comfortable, heating/cooling system is great, drives well, and the speakers sound great. The only negative thing I could really say is that to use Car Play, you have to physically plug in your phone, but the port is in such a convenient place that it’s not a HUGE deal. It still has Bluetooth so you can still play music or make calls without having to plug your phone in.

    1. Think of it as a pro your phones getting charged at the same time and no latency as with wireless carplay

  7. I’ve had my 2022 Civic Sport for 2 months now, it was the only one on the lot. I’m into luxury cars and almost bought a used C Class Mercedes but knew the service would be more affordable on a Honda and would rather get a brand new car for the same sticker price. I love the car and it has fantastic features for the price! Doug is one of my favorite car guys, but his rating is unfair. This car is reliable and tech-savvy for the price and I would take it over a Mazda, Kia, or compact Corolla any day based on styling and value retention. Great and good looking daily driver!

    1. Doug’s ratings on Honda cars are generally unfair. Got hurt by Honda somewhere along the line. Also, Honda pioneered the vent styling in the dash which he seems to breeze right over.

    2. @NMEofdaST8 as a former Audi owner, I feel really bad for you. Really glad I sold that pile of junk for a new Subaru personally

    3. @Emmanuel Adinkrah I have a 2022 civic as well. The auto start stop function is horrible for many reasons. But there is a button to disengage it, problem is you have to press the button every time you start the car to disable that feature.

    4. @NMEofdaST8 the C300 is built even cheaper than a Honda of similar price. leatherette is of worse quality, tighter engine tolerances drive up maintenance cost, and overall the car will not hold up as well over time to normal driving. I had a 2013 C250 w/ a 6-speed in it when I started at MB and by the time I hit 100,000 miles I’d spent nearly 125% the original MSRP in maintenance alone and the interior was falling apart. Only thing it didn’t do was drink oil like it was water like your Audi.

      Its honestly a shame benzs’ are built so bad nowadays, but I really love my 2022 Touring hatch 6MT.

  8. Got my 2022 civic sport about a month ago. I will say that having the sport mode/paddle shifters make up for the lack of HP. If you know the ideal shifting spots, the car picks up VERY well, and although not anything very special….you can feel it wants to go!

  9. I find it rather interesting and even a bit odd that there’s no mention of the ’22 Civic’s fuel economy – even when John Davis from Motorweek reviewed the ’22 Civic, there was also no mention of fuel economy. I mean, with the current cost of fuel climbing to an all-time high (as of May 2022), it’s rather odd that the mention of fuel economy wouldn’t be high on the list of “things to talk about”…

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