The 2023 BMW i7 Is an Amazing Ultra-Luxury $130,000 Electric Sedan

The 2023 BMW i7 Is an Amazing Ultra-Luxury $130,000 Electric Sedan Watch Now!

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2023 BMW i7 review! The 2023 BMW i7 is an amazing ultra-luxury sedan — and today I’m reviewing it. I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the i7, and I’ll show you all the cool tech in this amazing luxury sedan. I’m also going to drive the 2023 BMW i7 and review the driving experience.


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  1. You know you did good job on front end design when your selling point is “it’s not that bad on dark color car”

  2. His 25-30min videos feels like a 10min short video because he knows exactly how to keep you very interested, like you can’t even skip a single second

  3. Imagine how many fault code sensors this will have in a few years.
    The thing I like about this car it doesn’t scream flashy.

  4. If you’d enable the uneven road app while driving anywhere in Brazil, it would end up mapping the entire land transportation network 🤣🤣🤣 but seriously though, no matter what great suspension a car can have, you NEVER stop shaking and being jolted about while driving in Brazil. It’s amazing. Uneven asphalt is the rule, you are surprised when any paved surface is actually smooth!

  5. I think power doors that need a suite of sensors to open and take longer than just opening a door with your hands like a normal human are the perfect analogy of what’s wrong with the car industry today. And before I get called a boomer I’m only 27 😩.

    Edit: i take that back, this whole car is everything I hate about the modern car industry

  6. Never expected to come to an era where cars look and feel more and more like smartphones.

  7. Its like a concept car come to real life, tech is totally cool. Love the crystals and triangles, not sure why, but I like them. The fold down screen is inspired and wonderful, and the touch screen rear door controls, fab idea. Totally dig this car

  8. I’ve had the last 3 generations of the sclass and now this i7 has me debating wether to get the s580 or this. They killed it on this car!

  9. Hey Doug looks like it has a possibly impressive B&W sound system. I’d love to know about it but generally speaking, does no one care about hearing about high end audio systems in these technically impressive vehicles?

  10. This shows you how far full sized cars have came! I never would have expected a car to have a huge screen in the back like that. The technology in the I7, 7 series is impressive and it’s a great car even if it has a unattractive exterior design.

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