The E28 BMW M5 Is a Sport Sedan Icon

The E28 BMW M5 Is a Sport Sedan Icon Watch Now!

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E28 M5 review! The E28 BMW M5 is a special and exciting performance sedan — and today I’m going to review it! First I’ll take you on a thorough tour of the E28 M5, and I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the E28 M5. I’m also going to drive the E28 M5 and review the driving experience of the original BMW M5.


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  1. Once again massive respect to Doug DeMuro for remembering his fanbase on reviewing these cool old quirky cars.

  2. The importance of this car can not be understated. As Doug said it lead to arguably every single 4 door car with a badass power plant.

    It was here that actual car companies realized they could market soup’d up versions of their lineup.

  3. one of my uncles bought this car for 20k in 2004. I was just a kid then and knew nothing about cars, and I was so confused why he spent 20k to buy a really old car. It’s worth about 50k now, but regardless, it’s a great car that isn’t often appreciated.

  4. The “mechanical stuff” trunk box is the battery location. It was moved there from a regular E28 front mount for better weight distribution. A neat feature.

    The additional button by the front window switches is for the driver to lock out the rear windows for children.

    The On Board Computer can also be operated directly by buttons for additional features. The Check Control will light up when there is an error, the Check button is just to test the bulbs.

    The Euro engine actually has 286HP. The US S38 is still derived from the M1 engine, it still has individual throttle bodies so is quite special.

    Rear headrests were optional on Euro spec cars, just decontented for the US.

    Thank you for covering my favorite era of BMW, we need to see an E23 and E24 next!

  5. E39 and E28 M5s have to be the greatest M cars ever. How many cars do you see aged that well!

  6. The Check button in the roof Check Control is not for checking the statuses of all those sensors. The respective light would light up automatically whenever a problem was discovered and stay on till solved. Instead the Check button was used to check that all the red lights still worked so that a broken light bulb would not mislead the driver to believe there wasn’t a problem in that source because it didn’t turn on. German thoroughness…

  7. Decades later, this is still a clean classic that should forever be remembered by the present & future generations

  8. At 16 years old I got a hand me down 1987 325. Still my favorite car I’ve ever owned.

  9. After 5 SUV videos in a row I’m happy to see him review an interesting car again 💪🏻

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