The most hi-tech car I’ve ever driven!

The most hi-tech car I’ve ever driven! Watch Now!

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Meet the most luxurious, hi-tech cars BMW has ever released – the new BMW 7 Series & BMW i7! Mat’s flown over to America to get his hands on these two luxurious limos to give them a full-blown, proper in-depth review!

Let’s start with a look at the design. One thing’s for sure, from the back and the side, there’s no hiding that this is clearly a 7 Series. Sure there have been a few design upgrades over the previous generation, but the side and rear profile are quite clearly in the traditional 7 Series mold.

But of course, it’s up top where things get interesting, with an absolutely massive double kidney grille that dominates the front end. Combine this with the split headlight design on either side, and you’ve got yourself one car that will definitely turn heads!

Once you step inside, you are treated to a cabin absolutely full of high-quality materials, including leather & carbon on the dash, soft-touch felt on the roof, and super comfortable cashmere seats. You’ll also find the same swooping infotainment screen as in the new iX.

But of course, the main feature of this interior is the huge 31-inch 8K cinema screen in the back! This thing is absolutely insane, and when you combine it with the ability to fully recline the seats in the back, there’s no denying that this is pretty much the best bit of technology we’ve got our hands on in any car… EVER!

When it comes to performance, the range-topping BMW i7 60 comes with two electric motors to deliver 544hp and 745Nm of torque. It comes with a 102kWh battery pack that’s good for a claimed range of 388 miles. As for the BMW 7 Series, it comes with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 that delivers an almost identical 544hp and 750Nm.

As for the price, the 7 Series starts at £102,000, while the i7 starts at £108,000. But are they both worth it? You’ll need to stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Design
02:21 Interior
05:26 8K Cinema Screen
07:09 Back Seats
08:52 Boot
10:05 5 Annoying Things
13:08 5 Cool Things
16:28 Engines & Motors
17:04 i7 Driving
20:58 0-60mph (i7)
21:27 0-60mph (7 Series)
22:55 Driving Sounds
24:08 7 Series Driving
27:53 Verdict

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  1. Matt is hilarious, but I wonder how brands even allow him to review their cars 😂😂

  2. You know it’s not a carwow video with Mat Watson if he doesn’t launch the vehicle/s he is testing from 0-60mph. I hope this is a car that the more I look at it, the more I will like it. One of the coolest interiors with that massive rear entertainment screen!

  3. Must be a hard life Matt going out to California to test drive a BMW 7 series. Needing anyone to carry your bags 😀

  4. This is just not the BMW brand I fell in love with, but I guess I’m too old fashioned for being in my early 30’s.

  5. I love the design of the i7, particularly this i7.
    I’ve also changed my mind on the kidney grille of the M3 / M4, as long as it’s blacked out.

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