The New 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Is a Totally Different SL

The New 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Is a Totally Different SL Watch Now!

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People often ask me why I don’t review modified cars. Today Doug DeMuro is explaining why he doesn’t review modified cars. I’m going to explain what a modified car is (to me, anyway), and then I’ll cover the reasons why I only review clean, unmodified cars.


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  1. What’s your favorite Mercedes SL quirk and feature? Did you see my new favorite phone mount in my daily driver Land Rover Defender? Get 15% OFF ProClip mounts and phone holders for a limited time with promo code: DOUGDEMURO15

  2. I really loved this SL, and went to buy it But unfortunately, it wasn’t available in black color. So i had to settle with a used 1996 Corolla instead

  3. The old SL’s might be a distant memory to most but I will never forget the 2008 SL 65 AMG Black Series with the 661hp V12. That thing was just insanity and I loved it.

  4. Great Timing Doug! I just saw one of these earlier today on the Autobahn outside of Frankfurt am Main (probably from the huge Mercedes Benz & AMG Dealer) and i have to admit i had no idea there were so many Changes and especially not so many Quirks.
    It definitely is also one of those Cars that has much more Presence in Person than it does on Pictures or on Videos.
    The Sound is amazing when accelerating on the Autobahn, sounded just as AMG as ever
    Prost & Cheers from Germany

  5. The new SL is indeed gorgeous. Visited a local Mercedes-Benz dealer last weekend and checked out two SLs (one red, one black) they had on the lot. Very interesting decision to put backseats in the new SL.

  6. I’m a big SL fan, I even own a 14 SL65, but I’m not really a big fan of the new SL. Tested one last week at Fletcher Jones, quite disappointed. The direction to lean more into performance and significant price increase puts this car in direct competition with the 911 convertibles with high end spec even reaching Ferrari portofino territory, both of which has better performance/handling and arguably better comfort somehow. This might come as a surprise, recent Mercedes AMG models, have not been that great with comfort whereas 911s and Portofino, to me at least, has better ride quality. This combined with mercedes’s over engineering of onboard electronics and drop in interior quality control, this SL would be rattling everywhere and nigh unrepairable for owners themselves in a few years.

    With the discontinuation of the s class convertible, Mercedes should’ve use the SL to fill the luxury cruiser market left by the S class and make a new generation of pure performance AMG GTs. Instead, we get this awkward new SL. It’s performance focused yes, but the performance not on par with similarly priced competitions, not comfortable enough to be used as a luxury cruiser despite looking like one on paper. They basically didn’t learn from the previous gen SL. That SL’s issue is the lack of focus, it didn’t fully commit to performance or luxury comfort. Right now, again, we have an SL that’s trying to fill both the S convertible and AMG GT’s shoes.

    In layman’s term, I think they went from a comfort 6/10 performance 6/10 last gen to a comfort 5/10 performance 8/10 current gen but it’s competitors are all like comfort 6/10 performance 9/10.

  7. Love the Video & the spec! The new AMG SL will probably be one of the last real AMGs of our time with an amazing V8 sound.
    There is a third option for the new SL which is currently under consideration for the US market: The SL43 & it features the 4 cylinder AMG engine so you would have the SL43, 55 & 63! 💪🏼

  8. I was surprised that Doug didn’t cover the comfort part of the ride – curious if Mercedes tried to include that aspect of the SL, as a comfortable sports car, and if its comfort mode suspension achieves something special. A bit like an M5 or E63, which have two personalities. Also curious if Doug thinks the car will sell well, given how different it is, and aimed perhaps at the 911 market.

  9. The deja vu I felt watching this video was insane… before realizing Doug reviewed the older model just last week, in the same color 😅

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