The New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Is a Surprisingly Impressive Family SUV

The New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder Is a Surprisingly Impressive Family SUV Watch Now!

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New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder review! The new 2022 Nissan Pathfinder is a desirable family SUV — and a huge improvement over the old one. Today I’m reviewing the new Pathfinder, and I’ll show you the quirks and features of the new Pathfinder. I’m also driving the new Pathfinder and I’ll show you what it’s like behind the wheel of the new 2022 Pathfinder.


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  1. The way that Nissan works is that they make a car that is fantastic, class leading, innovative, and exciting and then they sell it for 15 years until it’s none of those things.

    1. @ShogunVic98 Nissan is pretty reliable here in the UAE. Most of their cars last a decade atleast. Dad had 2 that lasted 11 years each and we got a great price when we sold them and upgraded to lexus GX

  2. Hey Doug, please when you talk about the “old” version of a vehicle can you show a very short picture? I have always thought your videos would do well with a very short picture/video clip of the older vehicle when comparing old vs new. Always happy to watch your videos please keep them coming

    1. I also think Doug should name the car he’s standing next to when advertising the cars and bids website.

    2. @Robert Gomez tbh I skip like the first 3 to 5 min of his videos now. It’s all about cars and bids and wanting to review more cars and who he got that car from lol.

  3. Just for the 6000 lb towing capacity alone, the pathfinder is worth a look. If you go by the common recommendation to not exceed 80% of max tow rating, you can tow 4800 lbs, that’s enough for a 21-22 ft boat, trailer, fuel, and gear. Virtually every other non-FCA brand competitor has a 5000 lbs max tow (4000 lbs at 80%). That’s an 18-19 ft boat/trailer/fuel/gear for reference. A couple feet in the world of boats and travel trailers is a huge difference.

    1. I have a 18 foot bowrider and my 2008 trialblazer tow it no problem, the day she fall apart i may get a pathfinder.

    2. @Bartonovich52 idk exactly what that assessment is based on because I see a ton of them rolling around in great condition I my area. I own one. 150k miles and counting. No major mechanical problems.

  4. If Nissan wants to continue their revival, the Xterra needs to come back yesterday. The Frontier is already out so it should be a no-brainer since they’ll share both the look and platform. I’ve been saying they need a dedicated Warrior trim since the fantastic Titan Warrior that was shown. Those would have sold like hotcakes if they had taken that initiative especially considering the Rebel hadn’t even been introduced then. A Frontier and X-terra Warrior wouldn’t be bad as well to go against the Raptors.

    1. @Shawn Babcock
      That ‘Blazer’ is a mess any way you look at it. And worse still, they had the audacity to bring out a ‘Trailblazer’. I would have been ok if they called the Blazer the Camaro X or something else. Now GM has locked themselves out of a lucrative market.

    2. The Bronco proved that cars like that can be major successes in this day and age. They need to go more the Ford route and keep it similar but modern to previous modes, and not what Chevy did with the “Blazer” (aka Equinox II)

  5. The fact that they swapped out a CVT for a 9 speed geared transmission warms my heart, I’m hopeful for the future of Nissan.

    1. @Damilola Akanni honda in general doesn’t really make good automatics, their manuals are fantastic

    2. dude if they get rid of cvt across the line ill buy a nissan, they make decent v6s it would be nice to experience one thru a real transmission

  6. Seeing this Nissan is almost like seeing a new automaker, they’ve been putting out the most bland cars for a decade and suddenly it’s like they’re back

  7. This is such a massive leap forward from the old Pathfinder that it’s almost a shame to even call it a pathfinder

  8. I am definitely getting one. I will also use it for some light off-roading and hauling. I loved the early 2000s Pathfinders. This one gives me some of those vibes unlike the last few years’ models.

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