The New 2023 Kia Niro EV Is New, Improved, and Futuristic

The New 2023 Kia Niro EV Is New, Improved, and Futuristic Watch Now!

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2023 Kia Niro EV review! The Kia Niro EV is new and improved — and today I’m reviewing it. I’m going to take you on a thorough tour of the Niro EV and show you all of its quirks and features — then I’ll drive the Niro EV and show you what it’s like behind the wheel of the new 2023 Niro EV.


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  1. The dual screen isn’t that bad. As an EV6 owner I keep mine mostly in the climate control mode and use the steering wheel controls for media functionality. Isn’t really that bad.

  2. Doug: “every press photo of the new Niro shows a gray panel”…all the press photos clearly showing all the cars with black panels 😂😂

  3. It amazes me that the electric small crossover market is so strong KIA would rather make two competing models than another kind of EV.

  4. The remote forward/backwards parking movement is really a function of typical parking lots in Korea. It’s very common for cars to park each other in as lots are pretty small, They leave the cars in neutral with phone numbers on the dash so you can contact the owner to move it, or shove the car out of the way yourself. In many cases, there is no gap between cars to open the doors so being able to extract your car remotely while playing vehicle Tetris would save having to push it yourself or having to climb through a window or something.

    Japan-style vehicle vending machine parking garages do exist in Korea, but they’re much less common than you would see in Tokyo. Also unlike Japan, local Kia/Hyundais are the same size as the US versions, and there is no “kei” class of small city car like in Japan.

    In the US, we have the luxury of an enormous land mass we can spread out over, but the vast majority of countries worldwide don’t have this luxury.

  5. The design feels like it was designed by two different groups that had to combine their ideas.

  6. I LOVE the higher volume of Doug car videos that have started coming out this month!!
    Thanks Doug

  7. The smart park is nice if you pull too short for the charger cable. Instead of having to get back into the car, you can just move it a little closer with the remote.

  8. The dual action touch screen for the radio and climate controls does take a bit of getting used too at first, but once you have spent some time with it, it works out okay. The Sportage has the same type of display. I love the cupholders with the hidden surrounds that pop out, the Sportage also has that feature. I’m a test track driver at the Kia plant in West Point Georgia. We don’t build the Niro at our plant but we build the K5, Sorrento, Sportage, and exclusively build the Telluride. We are proud of our products and glad that you approve of the Niro. The EV6 is awesome as well.

  9. I miss when Doug would break down each component of the Doug score at the end of the video, rather than just showing the composite score and giving a quick summary.

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