The Pontiac Vibe GT Is the Forgotten Hot Hatchback

The Pontiac Vibe GT Is the Forgotten Hot Hatchback Watch Now!

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Pontiac Vibe GT review! Today I’m reviewing the exciting Pontiac Vibe GT, which is a high-performance hatchback that everyone forgot about. I’ll show you the quirks and features of the Vibe GT, then I’ll get it out on the road and drive the Vibe GT and show you what it’s like behind the wheel.


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    1. It’s always interesting seeing what quirky details he can find. He makes very boring cars interesting

  1. I still have my 2005 Matrix. The car is bulletproof and still going

    Fun fact: The odometer stops at 299,999

  2. Doug: the Vibe GT is a fantastic little hot hatch!

    Also Doug: scores the Vibe GT lower than a PT Cruiser

    1. They’re both garbage cars that would only impress someone on welfare. Also this thing isn’t little, and not’s not a ‘hot hatch’ – it’s way too big for that.

    2. @bloodrune329 Yeah…no way the PT is more fun. Might be subjective, but that wagon style looks atrocious to me, would feel like a post menopause woman driving those things 😆 the Vibe looks like a fun car for small families, much better styling than your typical family minivan. Less bloated as well.

  3. It’s funny how Doug doesn’t think people will care about backstories or tid bits, but I personally think it’s always welcomed. It’s always nice to hear any information that’s interesting and that you wouldn’t normally know.

  4. The Matrix XRS was available with an automatic the first year it came out, mid 2003. The next year the automatic was discontinued. (At least in Canada)

    1. @Jonimus Prime Interestingly the Land Cruiser 70 is still being sold in Canada, but its only used for mining industries and is not allowed for public road usage.

    2. The same goes for the Vibe (I was an engineer that worked on this vehicle at the factory) sad fact is the automatic vibe gt was slower than the regular vibe, which is why they discontinued the 2ZZ automatic in the vibe/matrix

  5. So a couple things
    1. The beep in reverse was to ensure the driver didn’t accidentally put the car in reverse instead of 1st considering they were in similar locations
    2. The calander was probably intended to be updated with a new DVD that the owner just never got around to purchasing. That’s how they used to do that. Every so often the manufacturer would come out with an update disc and they could cost upwards of $160 depending on the manufacturer.
    3. That 80s Chevy Nova was also based on the Corolla of its time.

    1. Also, the GT was available with an automatic transmission in 2003, and that was the only way you could get them. From 2004 they went manual only.

    2. When I worked at a dealer in the era of nav dvd’s we had to pull all the nav discs to stop them from being stolen.

    3. I agree with your second point, because I know my mum had a 2014 Toyota Camry and never contacted the dealer to purchase a new map DVD that would’ve likely also contained updated calendar data like you mentioned, so it stayed on whatever map version Toyota provided for customers in Australia at the time the car was built, while she just used Google or Apple Maps for navigation in the later years of having the car before trading it in.

  6. Be cool if doug continued on this mundane 2000’s cars, id like to see doug do the very rare Chevy trailblazer north face edition

  7. All jokes aside, Doug and I get excited about the same types of cars. That backstory of the Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, and Toyota Voltz is one of the most bizarre car company stories I’ve ever heard! I love it!

  8. I was attending a large presentation, and had my phone sitting on the table on its Home Screen. All of a sudden, and on full blast … “THIIISSSSS is a 2005 Pontiac Vibe GT!!” Needless to say, Doug indirectly brought some laughter to an otherwise boring presentation.

  9. The Numi plant itself has its own amazing history. It was the spearhead for “Lean 6 Sigma” and Toyota had to take it over from GM management. So it was a GM plant ran by Toyota so it was the best run and most profitable plant in the GM system. Amazingly enough GM learned nothing from their brush with Toyota superior manufacturing and moved the Numi production to Mexico.

    1. @rjherche Lean manufacturing is everywhere, ive seen it in every single machine shop i have been to.

    2. We had an 84 Chevrolet Nova when I was a kid which was the first car made in the NUMI plant and I now drive a Vibe GT. Both cars were and are amazingly reliable and durable.

    3. NPR did a story about it years ago for This American Life. Hearing workers talk about conditions in the plant before Toyota came in was shocking to say the least.

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