The Toyota Mega Cruiser Is a Crazy Hummer From Toyota

The Toyota Mega Cruiser Is a Crazy Hummer From Toyota Watch Now!

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Toyota Mega Cruiser review!!! The Toyota Mega Cruiser is a truly amazing off-road vehicle — the ultimate Toyota truck. Today I’m reviewing the Toyota Mega Cruiser and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of one of the craziest SUVs of all time. I’m also going to drive the Mega Cruiser and show you what it’s like behind the wheel of this amazing Toyota Hummer.


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  1. I remember Doug saying in March 2021 that he REALLY wanted to review a Toyota Mega Cruiser. Now, it looks like that he did it. Congrats, Doug. Also, I really liked this Japanese Titan

  2. Actually pre-heating-systems are pretty standard in many places where diesel engines are popular, since they are very easy to operate with diesel fuel. For example here in Germany a lot of camping vans have it or you can factory order one with many cars. They usually come with a remote, so you can have a coffe in your kitchen, while your car is already warming up and removing all the ice and snow from the windows, without the engine being turned on and annoying your neigbours.

  3. 13:50 you need to look into auxilliary heaters Doug. Can be optioned from the factory on a lot of German cars. Not really an extra motor, simply a combustion chamber that burns fuel and uses it to either heat air or to heat the coolant and cabin through the regular vents.

  4. Seeing Doug’s happiness throughout the whole video, especially when he’s driving it, is just special and infectious haha

  5. “the mega cruiser made to accommodate a missile launcher in the back which is just cool” 😂 I love Doug

  6. Man, the back seat setup is actually amazing. I’d love to “work from home” back there with that desk space and phone.
    Would be a killer digital nomad vehicle that you can work in while travelling.

  7. Hey Doug, if you are ever in Salt Lake City there is a Land Cruiser heritage museum with extremely rare land cruisers and a stock mega cruiser as well.

  8. It has Kazakh plates?! As a Kazakh, I feel honoured. Usually we never get any rare Japanese cars here, but seeing one transported from the capital of the Kazakhstan aaaalll the way to the US is just crazy to think of… This made my day way better. Oh and the fact that Doug pronounced “Kazakhstan” correctly, makes me smile

    Edit: 100 likes per hour! That’s really impressive!

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