Volkswagen Drive Easy Plans

If you’re a Volkswagen owner, you should know about the Volkswagen Drive Easy Plans. Volkswagen Drive Easy Gold is a comprehensive service plan for VWs, including Silver and Gold plans. Each plan covers major components and a variety of “High-Tech” bells and whistles. To learn more about the different plans, read on. This article explains how each plan works, as well as how to transfer it to another vehicle. After reading this guide, you will be ready to purchase your Volkswagen Drive Easy Gold Plan.

Volkswagen Drive Easy Vehicle Protection Plan

The Volkswagen Drive Easy Vehicle Protection Plan is a service plan that covers repairs to your VW at authorized Volkswagen service centers. The plan is available to both new and used Volkswagen owners. Volkswagen offers a wide variety of coverage options, including car rental and extended warranty plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose to pay up to $35 per day or $350 for a car rental. You can choose the Volkswagen Drive Easy Gold Plan, Silver Plan, or Powertrain Plan. All three plans are designed to protect you from costly repairs. The Gold Plan provides comprehensive coverage for major components, including “High-Tech” bells and whistles. Buying a Volkswagen Drive Easy Gold Plan is a smart choice for financial stability and peace of mind. Volkswagen also offers interest-free financing, as well as low monthly payments.

Volkswagen Drive Easy Gold Plan

The Volkswagen Drive Easy Gold Plan extends coverage beyond the Powertrain plan, allowing it to repair most major systems and high-tech features of the Volkswagen. Designed by Volkswagen, this plan covers both parts and labor costs in the event of a covered repair or breakdown. It also offers additional features and benefits, such as car rental reimbursement and enhanced resale value. This plan is especially valuable for Volkswagen owners who are concerned about the high cost of repairs.

Purchasing a Volkswagen Drive Easy Plan from a local dealership can be a great option. Dealers are more likely to offer the best service and customer satisfaction ratings when customers return to buy a new Volkswagen. Volkswagen also offers customer satisfaction surveys and ties bonuses to the overall satisfaction ratings of its dealers. As such, buying a plan from your local dealership can offer additional benefits, such as a $100 co-pay waiver for returning to the same dealer.

Volkswagen Drive Easy Transferability

Whether you’re buying a new Volkswagen or transferring your existing plan, you should know your rights and responsibilities. While you may want to transfer your plan to the new owner if you’re unable to keep the vehicle, you should also consider protecting your investment by transferring your Volkswagen Drive Easy plan to another vehicle. This can help ensure your vehicle’s safety and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

The Volkswagen Drive Easy Platinum plan offers financial protection from unexpected expenses by covering the cost of parts and labor. It’s the only service contract endorsed by the German automaker, and the parts and labor are covered at over 5,000 authorized service centers throughout the United States. It provides you with security for the life of your vehicle, and almost every assembly of your car is covered.

Volkswagen Drive Easy Term Protection

Interested in protecting your new Volkswagen from costly repairs? Consider purchasing Volkswagen Drive Easy Term Protection. The service plan covers common wear and tear items on your vehicle. This coverage includes labor and parts for up to six years and seven2,000 miles. The plan can help protect your investment and help keep you comfortable on the road. To get started, visit the Volkswagen Drive Easy website. You can find a free quote for new and used vehicles. To make the process as easy as possible, fill out an online application. A representative will get in touch with you to discuss your coverage options. This policy can be transferred to the next owner after 30 days. It can help make your vehicle more desirable to potential buyers.

Here is one of the Volkswagen Drive Easy Plan videos if you’d like to watch it!

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