Volkswagen Voyage Vs Volkswagen Saveiro Comparison

Here we will talk about Volkswagen Voyage Vs Volkswagen Saveiro Comparison. If you are considering a used car, then it may be time to compare the Volkswagen Voyage vs Volkswagen Saveiro. Both cars have great reputations for being versatile and affordable, but there is one difference in the features they offer. Volkswagen has always focused on the Saveiro‘s versatility. You can find the Saveiro in both sedan and wagon versions, depending on your budget and needs.

Volkswagen Voyage Vs Volkswagen Saveiro – Volkswagen Voyage

In a nutshell, the new models in the VW line up are the Saveiro and the Voyage. The Saveiro will be revealed at the Sao Paulo Motor Show later this month, while the Voyage is set to launch later in 2009. Both cars share the same wheelbase, but their interiors differ. As far as looks are concerned, the Voyage is much more spacious than the Saveiro, which makes it an appealing choice.

The main differences between the two cars are the engines and the transmission systems. The Saveiro comes with a 1.6-liter engine while the Voyage has a 1.0-liter engine. They both make the same power output – 84 cv and ten kilograms of torque – which is sufficient for everyday use. However, the Saveiro lacks the ability to tow heavy loads, while the Voyage and Gol are capable of hauling up to 1,500 kilograms. Volkswagen also announced the end of 1.6 versions of the Voyage and Gol. The VW trio is going through a price increase, but it depends on the model.

The Saveiro is the latest model in the Volkswagen line, and is expected to be available in most world markets by the end of 2008. The Gol sedan will be replaced by the Voyage in 2020. The Volkswagen Voyage will be the only model under this name in most markets, and will offer a comprehensive range of equipment. In addition to the Volkswagen Voyage’s notchback styling, it will also feature a transverse engine position and new NF platforms.

The Voyage has excellent safety equipment. A double airbag, ABS brake system, and front and rear high impact amortiguators ensure excellent safety. The 480-liter luggage compartment will keep luggage inside. Furthermore, the Voyage comes with an anthracite exterior and retrovisors. Both vehicles are designed to provide comfortable seating and easy maneuverability. The Voyage’s features are impressive and the Saveiro isn’t far behind.

Volkswagen Voyage Vs Volkswagen Saveiro – Volkswagen Saveiro

A comparison of the two most popular double cab SUVs can be useful when choosing the most suitable vehicle for your needs. The Saveiro has an impressive array of security features, including a rear-end collision warning system, ESS, and ESP. Its ESP functions activate the brake lights intermittently after the vehicle reaches a stationary position. The Saveiro also offers three head restraints in the rear seats, automatic pickup, and a rear window defroster. There is also an additional 12V outlet in the rear cabin and a gas spring tailgate.

In the face of its competitor, the VW Saveiro offers more interior space. The Double Cab offers 1,339 mm of shoulder room – 79 mm more than its rival. The Double Cab has two rows of seats – one in the front and two in the back – as well as a third row for three more passengers. Both vehicles have a spacious boot, with more than a full sized spare tire.

While the Voyage and the Gol have similar engines, both are powered by 1.6-liter petrol engines. The Saveiro has a 1.6-liter petrol engine that makes 104 cv. The Volkswagen Voyage also comes with a 1.6-liter petrol engine that produces 15,6 kgfm of torque. Despite their similar engine sizes, both cars are equipped with automatic transmissions.

In terms of price, the Saveiro has the same starting price of $11,000 and comes with a natural aspirated 1.6-liter four-cylinder. Its engine produces 120 horsepower and 113 pounds of torque. The Saveiro also comes with a single cab and an extended cab. Other engine options aren’t listed on the Brazilian website, so VW may not want to step on the Amarok’s toes.

In terms of interior space, the Saveiro offers more headroom than its main competitor. The Saveiro Cabine Dupla offers ample space for five people and plenty of cargo. The Saveiro also has a larger cargo area than the voyage. Overall, the Saveiro wins out in this comparison. Its headroom and interior space are great for families. Its impressive headroom and cargo area are other advantages that make it a desirable car to buy.

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