Will Old Cars Die Off?

Will Old Cars Die Off? Watch Now!

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Will old cars die off? I often get asked if old cars will die off as their owners age. Today I’m going to cover that and give an explanation of whether I think old cars will die off.


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  1. I’d KILL to have you review the icons of the 50s! The interior details of a ‘57 Bel-Air & quirks of a ‘59 Cadillac with MASSIVE fins would be so interesting & entertaining!

  2. The difference between Brass cars and the 60’s and later cars is the newer cars are actually driveable and I think will continue to hold value and interest. When I was in high school – I drove a late 60’s Mustang convertible. I still have it. It was cool then and still is. And it is a car that you can actually use. My family also has a 1930 Model A PU. That is a cool car too – but not something that I think will hold value as its utility and ability to operate in the modern world are compromised.

  3. Hope you talk about the rear glass in the Saturn review. A guy I knew who owns a glass shop said the rear glass was absurdly expensive to replace (over $3000 in 2007) because of the complexity of its shape. It seemed so weird that GM would put such an expensive part on such an economy-level car.

  4. Counterpoint: One thing to keep in mind is the effect of television and movies on a lot of 60s – 90s vehicles and how that introduces them to younger audiences. It’s pretty common to see the main characters in entertainment driving older cars. Actually, good luck finding a teenage drama series on Netflix where they aren’t driving them. (*Immediately questions why I know this, haha)

  5. My 33’ ford pickup tells a story from front to back. The history it’s seen is unimaginable.
    It’s a traditional prewar hotrod and as someone in their mid 30s, I am one of the youngest people involved in early fords. I try to drive as much as possible to inspire the younger generations as we cannot let hot rodding die.

  6. Doug could create a “Cars and bids classics” which could be focused on these pre-80s cars

  7. I think you will see a lot of engine swaps in some of these cars, if their owners want to keep driving them. Simply for the fact that sooner or later that original engine is going to need a part that no longer exists or it blows up entirely. They may not go full electric, but they will have to put something under the hood to keep it on the road.

  8. As long as games like Gran Turismo and Forza exist, old cars will still have the interest of younger people. Gran Turismo Sport had a ton of old cars I’ve never heard of before and I enjoyed researching them later

  9. This is incredibly relevant. Just today I took my 70s muscle car to a show and was awarded a trophy because I was the youngest entry in the show (25). It really made me reflect on the importance of keeping old cars and their stories alive for future generations. We’re just caretakers of these machines so others can enjoy them.

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